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Astroflux was created on June 2010 by an independent studio, Fula Fisken, located in Stockholm, Sweden. Like in most MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), players have to create a name before they can set foot onto their given ship. Ships can be later purchased throughout the game using flux as currency. In order to gain experience and thus to level up, players needs to destroy enemy ships and bases (spawners) that protect each planet. Astroflux is largely populated with a variety of different enemies ranging from simple to hard, moving through the galaxies. Each enemy-type is unique and has its own weaknesses. Each star system in Astroflux contains its own planets, stations, asteroids, and comets.


Unlike many other MMO’s, where there is a numerous amount of universes intended to run at the same time (servers), Astroflux is a single-universe game. The in-game economy is largely used by players to upgrade their skills and weaponry. Space Junk that is collected from destroyed enemies can be recycled at Recycling Stations and converted to resources that can be used as currency for in game purchasing. Each player can upgrade their ship's attributes, purchase weapon upgrades and crew members for exploration missions.

The game is available on astroflux.net and is also available as a Facebook application and on Armor Games.


The game is played as the captain of a spaceship in the near future. Your aim is to explore the entire universe and of course to become better than your fellow players.
Battles can be PvE (against NPC's) or PvP (against other players in the game). You can buy, find and get upgrades for your weapons to gain an advantage over your enemies and additionally gain an 8% damage increase every time a level up is acquired. Artifacts give fixed or percentage bonuses to the player's health, shield strength, armor, damage and resistance. There is a limit of 5 artifact slots available, limiting the number of artifacts that can be simultaneously equipped to 5, forcing players to strategically select which artifacts to use.
Weapons can be found or purchased using in game currency and can be upgraded to increase damage, reduce energy cost, increase the number of projectiles fired (certain weapons only), improve the targeting arc (certain weapons only) and increased blast radius (certain weapons only).