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This article is about Systems.


Systems map from texture gui.png

A System is a group of stars and planets. To travel between different systems, you must use a Warp Gate. In Astroflux, there are 20 systems and 3 sectors where each of them are in. 1 of the 20 systems have been destroyed, 1 has been discontinued. That makes 2 systems inaccessible. Unlike the dictionary definition, a Star System can contain multiple independent stars each with their own accretion discs even when they are not orbiting each other or a common center of mass.

A system will normally contain Suns, Comets, Planets, Stations, Spawners, Enemies, An Elite Zone and a Boss or a Mini-Boss encounter. There is also might be a Black Hole in the system. Most of these features are visible on the system map. Bosses will be marked with a red skull and crossbones, while mini-bosses have the same tracking mark as normal mobs. Clicking on a planet or station in the system map view will add a colour-coded direction arrow to your HUD for easier navigation.

List of Systems

Antor Sector/Galaxy

Gellan Sector/Galaxy

Rapir Sector/Galaxy


  • King of The Zone