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My ingame name is Nick Watterson i'll no longer editing wiki i ended up because no updates i've been played over 5 years i have good memories i won contest Member of the year, wiki contest 2015 and wiki contest 2016 again i was changed recently name is saposami75, gumballdarwin75, nick watterson and Nickon it's really fun played sadly i'll no longer playing game.

Also i made editing with photoshop

The Monster Swarm

Antor Counter Attack!!

The Beginning Antor

and.. i made drawing my sprites

My Antor Sprites

and and... here unused & beta content astroflux and my stuff arts

Behind the scene my sprites

Unused & Beta Content

Old & Beta Content

Modded Executor Skin 2

Modded Executor Skin 1

Modded Nexar Army Skin

Modded Nezerian Skin 2

Modded Nezerian Skin 1

Modded Nexar Spawner Skin

Modded Nezerian Spawner Skin

Photoshoped Nexar Edge

Fake Nexar Edge in Pods (i know thats why i remember global said Nexar Edge ill be buyable ship wasn't released)

Nexar Neon Wallpaper Preview (unfortunately my arts lost again)

Unused design ship preview contest (sadly it's cancelled now)

Unused design ship contest (i made drawing ship but i'll never posting)

Eagle Eye Glowing Wallpaper Preview (unfortunately my arts lost)

The Swarming Antor Attack!! Preview (i made photoshop but effect missing)

Goodbye farewell astroflux...