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General Information
Found inAstroflux, Kongregate and Wiki
Current roleAstroFlux moderator and Wiki administrator
ObjectiveMake the wiki a reliable and easy-to-use resource for players.
Quotes "Check the FAQ on the wiki"
"Pics or it didn't happen"
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Wiki Projects

  • Redesign the main page (done)
  • Combine and update the multiple FAQs (done)
  • Add dialog boxes for quotes from crew members (done)
  • Roll out new design and update content for:
    • Mobs
    • Spawners (done)
    • Mini Bosses
    • Bosses
    • Each System
  • Add navigation icon to top of each page (done)
  • Fill in content for Stubs
  • Create a style guide for wiki contributors


In is where I test new features or updates. These pages are often incomplete, broken, messy, badly thought out and just plain wrong. You have been warned.

Blank Pages