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Found in: Astroflux[1], Kongregate[2] and Wiki[3]
Current in game job: Moderator, Wiki admin
In game objective: Make wiki a good reliable source for players.
2nd in game objective: Use unique weapons!
Quotes: "Pics or it didn't happen!"
Timezone: CST: Central Standard Time (Central America) -6 hours.[4]

Hello! I'm Spy-1, one of the wiki many contributors. My objective is to make the wiki a good place to visit when a player has a question about the game (for example, an enemy, weapon, etc). Normaly, I plan projects to improve the visual characteristics of the stuff. I take a lot of time to think and structure the tables, etc. However, enjoy navigating through the wiki!

Thanks for reading!


In this area I'll be working on new features, they will be tested and when I'm sure they are 100% done, I'll add'em.