A New Beginning

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This subject is from Missions.


This is the tutorial mission to introduce new players to the AstroFlux universe.

Start Location

Available only to new players at the start of the game.


Step Mission System Reward
1 Kill 10 Seekers Hyperion  ???
2 Kill 3 Space Stations Hyperion  ???
3 Go to AF Armoury Hyperion  ???
4 Pick up 50 Metal Scrap Hyperion  ???
5 Recycle 50 Metal Scrap Hyperion  ???
6 Go to AF Research Station Hyperion  ???
7 Kill 12 Slavers Hyperion  ???
8 Go to Erath Hyperion  ???
9 Kill 50 Zappers, Seekers, Launchers or Slavers Hyperion  ???
10 Kill Tefat Hyperion  ???
11 Go to Warp Gate Hyperion  ???


Part 1

  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “Great, yet another refugee from Azuron. The last thing I needed… this sector have been flooded by your kind lately. I got some bad news, I doubt you’ll even last one day… If you want to survive you need to learn how to fight, and you need to learn fast. If you want any help you’ll have to earn it. Go kill 10 of those so called “Seekers” that are swarming the area. And by the way, a small hint: they are cannibals so don’t even think of surrendering.”
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “You’re still alive? That’s quite surprising.. I thought you’d be someone's dinner by now. Here’s some steel; resources are essential for long term survival. I’m going to have you prove your worth.”

Part 2

  • Lieutenant Kreiger promised to help us out if we can destroy 3 hostile space stations.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “Good job there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jacob Kreiger, I’m with the Antor Federation, I’m a Lieutenant in the 2nd division of the main fleet. We are trying to keep the order in this region, but we can’t do much good these days. I’m going to give you 200 steel, you can use this to acquire a weapon. I suggest that you head over to the Antor Federation Armory.

Part 3

  • Let’s go to the Antor Federation Armoury and investigate if we can get any better weapons.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “Find anything you like? Weapons is the only thing that’s not in low supply around here. Everything has gone to hell lately, since the downfall of the Antor Federation started. We used to control the entire Antor sector… sigh... but now.. we can’t even keep our citizens safe. There are pirates, slavers, cannibals, raiders and fanatics wreaking havoc everywhere. The key to survival is to keep your tech ahead of everyone else's, a very costly endeavour. One effective way of acquiring resources if through salvaging, I can talk with an associate and get you a special deal on junk.”

Part 4

  • Destroy hostile ships and salvage as much as you can, about 50 pieces of Metal Scrap should be a good start. Lieutenant Kreiger promised to get us a good deal on metal junk.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “I managed to negotiate a special deal on the junk, if you go to the Antor Federation Smelting Plant you’ll get at least twice the normal rate.“

Part 5

  • Go to the Antor Federation Smelting Plant and recycle the junk, Lieutenant Kreiger promised that you’ll receive a big bonus.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “By now you should have enough resources to upgrade some of your tech by now. Head over to the Antor Federation Research Station, I’ll ask them to share some of their know-how.”

Part 6

  • Go to the Antor Federation Research Station and check out the available upgrades for you ship!
  • None

Part 7

  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “Sorry, I fell asleep, there’s rarely any time to get some rest… sigh... Perhaps you can help me to deal with one of my problems now? The planet Erath is besieged by slavers, their space station is generating a shield that’s blocking access to the planet. Go there clear out 12 slaver ships.”
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “Thank you! Take out that station and land on the planet and check out what’s going on with the colony. While you’re down there feel free to scavenge for minerals.”

Part 8

  • Land on the planet and check what’s going on. *Hint: Use the opportunity to explore the planet for minerals
  • We arrived just in time, it seems like the slavers didn’t have time to land on the planet yet and everyone in the colony is safe!

Part 9

  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “You saved the day for thousands of settlers. Thanks again!” Are you interested in earning some real resources? Hyperion is overrun by these pirate, slaver and cannibal factions, since the Antor Federation can’t handle all of these on alone. So we have issued a bounty on all of these blasted degenerates in Hyperion, take down 50 hostiles and you’ll receive a large reward.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “Excellent work, hope this reward will suffice. While you were gone there’s been some really bad news. A giant ship “Tefat” has been sighted on multiple occasions, thus far no one has been able to stand up to it. After seeing you fighting… I can’t help thinking that you might have a chance. Do you dare facing it?“

Part 10

  • A giant ship “Tefat” has been sighted on multiple occasions, thus far no one has been able to stand up to it. Are you up for the challenge? Watch the map for a red Boss icon indicating its position.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “I can’t believe it! You made it! Truly amazing! You’ve been a great help all civilized beings in the Hyperion system. I’m sorry for my attitude when we first met.”

Part 11

  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “I don’t think there’s much left for someone like you to do around here. There’s a warp gate in the north eastern corner of Hyperion. The Warp Gate provides a fast way to travel between systems and without a Warp Gate it would take about two years to reach the closest neighbouring system. The Antor Federation actually built most of the warp gates, although it was during the golden era, more than 500 years have passed since then end of that age.”
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “It was a pleasant surprise to encounter a captain as capable as you, I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures.”