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"Troons, Troons and more Troons", "Captain, we need to get some of these."


Troons (also called Trophies) are points used for clan and player rankings. You earn troons by completing missions, joining PvP matches, or by entering Survival. Troons gained are 10% of the experience gained from completing missions and 20% of the XP gained in other events. Troon types are not well-differentiated in-game, but fall into different categories.

Clan Troons

The troons collected from Planet Wars that contribute to the total of a player's clan.

Personal Troons

The sum of the troons awarded to a player from Planet Wars and missions.

Survival Troons

Troons gained through performance in Co-op Survival.

PvP Troons

Points earned for killing enemies. These do not contribute to clan or personal troons.


You can use your personal troons to buy the X27-S Smart Gun, the Spore 83-X Smart Gun, and the Blood-Claw S28 weapons. Buying these weapons does not reduce your troon total. These can be found in Cynapsian (Gellan).

Personal troons grant a small increase to stats. 200,000 troons are equal to a full level of bonus (8% increase in health, shield, damage, 1% in regen) and increment by 1/10th of a level per 20,000 troons. These bonuses are reset at the end of the month, when the troons themselves reset.


20,000 troons =  .8% increase to health, shield, damage .1% increase to regen
200,000 troons =  8% increase to health, shield, damage  1% increase to regen  

(Current record: 14,873,800 personal troons. Set by Smeagol in May 2015 season.)

Troons of all types reset to zero on the first day of every month.