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This article  is about Enemies.
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Advectorian large.png

General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inSarkinon (Gellan),
AttackPlasma Torpedos, Razor
Damage TypeEnergy and Kinetic
Drop(s)Big Metal Scrap.pngRadiated Junk.pngFusion Core.pngCore Charge.pngEngine Part.pngMedium Data Chip.pngAdvanced Data Chip.pngGold Crate.png
SpecialPlasma Torpedos.png
Shield Regen0
Corrosive Resist0%
Energy Resist0%
Kinetic Resist0%


"Captain, we have gone too far, but this isn't the end... c'mon, show'em you are a truly respected captain! The battle begins!"


Advectorian is part of the Nezerian Army and is the boss of Sarkinon Elite. The Nezerians built the Advectorian to protect the planet Vlardenon. It charges up at players and shoots Plasma Torpedos that do massive damage. It also fires razors which can be annoying to players. It spawns Nezerian Battleships, Nezerian Destroyers, Nezerian Battlecruisers and Nezerian Fighters.

Advectorian is made up of the following parts

Part Stats Attack
Dominator Body.png Advectorian Body 245,600 health
Razor Turret.png Advectorian Razor Turret 25,000 shield
50,000 health
600 Shield Regen
Advanced Spawner.png Advectorian Spawner 500,000 health Spawns Nezerian Fighter, Nezerian Destroyer, Nezerian Battlecruiser and Nezerian Battleship
Dominator Turret.png Advectorian Plasma Turret 48,000 shield
52,000 health
100 Shield Regen
Plasma Torpedos

Advectorian consists on 7 Turrets, and 9 Spawners. The turrets and the spawners have to be eliminated in order to kill the gigantic mothership of the Nezerians.


One strategy that you can use early in the game consists of spamming Death Cloud to stack DoT on, and leech from, all of its parts while you evade the Plasma Torpedos that it shoots. Plankton Siphon Gland is also a good way to survive if you have a good Corrosive-type Ship. Still, make sure to dodge those Plasma Torpedos. They hurt!


  px Artifact 6-8
  px Gold Crate 3-4
  px Plasma Torpedos 3
  px Big Metal Scrap   
  px Radiated Junk   
  px Fusion Core   
  px Core Charge   
  px Engine Part   
  px Medium Data Chip   
  px Advanced Data Chip 1-2

Spawn Location

Advectorian spawns at Vlardenon (116, 377). From there it heads down and orbits the planets Argenon, Darkenon and Gardenon.
Respawn time, 2-3 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 66,782xp to players who defeat it for the first time.