Another Dimension

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This subject is from Missions.


This is an intermediate level. There are a handful of steps and an enemy to defeat.

Start Location

Weapon Factory in Cynapsian


Step Mission System Reward
1 Go to Glictan Zergilin 886 steel, 67 plasma fluids
2 Go to AF Security Gate Durian 1 Medium Data Chip, 15 Big Metal Scrap
3 Kill Renegade Science Vessel Durian 1241 XP
4 Go to Warp Gate Kapello 16 Flux
5 Go to Asteroid L34 Hyperion 1811 XP



Part 1

  • AF Lieutenant Abraham: "Greetings captain, I really need your help. We have recieved information about a dangerous experiment run by the renegades. We are not completely sure what it is yet, but we need you to infiltrate the Renegade Stronghold on the planet Glictan in Zergilin. Hopefully we will find out what they are up to."
  • AF Lieutenant Abraham: "Perfect, tap into their central data bank and search for something related to "project nether". Our prediction is that they are trying to create a weapon of mass destruction. Did you find it? Yes... Thats it! You found what we were looking for. Take this small reward and wait for further instructions."

Part 2

  • AF Lieutenant Abraham: "The data indicates the Renegades have a cloaked science vessel in Durian working on dark matter technology. Dark matter is potentially the most dangerous element in the universe so its ciritcal that we stop them. Goto the AF Security Gate in Durian and scan for any unusual impulse signatures that could indicate a moving vessel."
  • AF Lieutenant Abraham: "We have found the science vessel. The scan also indicates that they are trying to contain its singularity core. Probably to harvest dark matter. Experimenting on the singularity might also cause a space distorsion and create a dimensional rift. We need to stop them before that happens!"

Part 3

  • AF Lieutenant Abraham: "I've concluded that the best option is to destroy science vessel. Its clear that they are going through with this experiement and we should do a pre-emptive strike while the vessel is vulnerable and without protection. Its cloaked and orbiting the black hole but we have identified the impulse signature, so you should be able to see it now."
  • Renegade Scientist: "Are you mad!?! We have been trying to close this dimensional rift and now y.... khsszzzz.... khsxzzzz.... khhhszzzz.. khzzz.... idiot.... khzzz..." Fanatic Abraham: "Hahaha... finally all heretics will be punished for their sins. Worship the new gods and despair!"

Part 4

  • Lieutenant Reiland: "We have bad news, Abraham is an imposter that infiltrated our command structure. He managed to trick us into believing the Renegades were experimenting with a weapon of mass destruction when they actually were trying to prevent the black hole from expanding. I will explain more once you come to the warp gate in Kapello.
  • Lieutenant Reiland: "I am truly surprised, Abraham was one of our best Lieutenants. But his betrayal will not go unpunished. Our internal investigation indicates he is a fanatic priest and a double agent to the fanatics. His mission was to unleash the "true gods" into the Antor System. Their goal is to put fear and terror into everyday citizens to make them believe in god. We need you to hunt down Abraham and punish him for his treason."

Part 5

  • Lieutenant Reiland: "We have found evidence that Abraham fled to a fanatic shelter on a solitary asteroid in the Hyperion system: x = 1200, y = 750"
  • Fanatic Abraham: "I rather die than being prosecuted by you maggots." Lieutenant Reiland: "Abraham is trying to escape with his Chrono ship, hurry up and take him down before he leaves the system!"