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Artifact Setups are essentially just groups of Artifacts that work together to achieve a particular goal for your ship. They are not going to be the same for everyone due to differences in player level, ship, artifact level, or play style but they can be the bones of other hybrid setups for many players. All in all, they should increase the effectiveness of your artifacts, given you have all of the parts.


Feel free to add your own brainchild art setup that will accomplish a specific task; but make sure it has a name, the artifacts in it, a description of what it accomplishes, and what types of players would it be applicable for.

Name Artifacts Description Player Type
Glass 5 Artifacts to obtain your maximum damage. Usually done by equipping 2 damage artifacts and 3 Weapon Hyperchargers. Packs powerful game, very weak in defensive areas. This can be good as a support setup and or take on enemies that are alone.
Converter 2 health/shield, 1 Oversized Shield Battery/Oversized Structural Hardener, 1 Shield Recharger/armor, one Omni Dampener High shield/health in addition to regen/armor makes the player very durable. Good for players with high level arts, or who don't mind minimal damage.
Balance 1 Oversized Structural Hardener, 1 Oversized Shield Battery, 1 or 2 Omni Dampeners, 1 or 2 damage artifacts and/or Weapon Hyperchargers Meant to give an even balance to all your stats. Good for players in all reaches of the galaxy that want a reliable setup.
Marauder 1 or 2 Omni Dampeners, the rest Weapon Hyperchargers and Damage arts (1 Health or Shield can be added to make it more defensive) Minimize incoming damage and high output of fast weapons. Good for an endgame setup or a side setup for people who don't want to totally go to paper.
Tank 1 Oversized Structural Hardener/Oversized Shield Battery, 2 Shield/Health, 1 Armor/Shield Regen, 1 or 2 Omni Dampeners Minimize incoming damage and nearly nullify high Attack Speed/Hard Hitting weapons. Useful for players already in tanky ships, or who like to block damage for other players.
Speed 5 Engine Boosters Maximize the speed of your ship. Useful for getting places quickly if one does not have the Explorer 062, the Jupiter, or the Nexar Vindicator.