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Artifacts increase the stats of your ship. You can find them by killing enemies, exploring planets or joining a Death Match.

Artifact Basics

An artifact can have up to five modifiers (also called lines). The color of the artifact is determined by the number of modifiers:

1 line is Gray. 2 lines are Blue. 3 lines are Green. 4 lines are Purple. 5 lines are Gold.

Each additional modifier lowers the maximum bonus for each line. So a gray Omni Dampener can give a 75% bonus to all resistances on a single line but an gold Omni Dampener cannot.

The name of the artifact is defined by its first line. Any artifact can give 5% to all resistances but only artifacts with that bonus as its first line will be called an Omni Dampener. You can carry up to 250 artifacts at a time, but you can pay 600 flux to raise this limit up to 400 artifacts at the same time. You can pay 800 flux to store 600 artifacts, and then 1000 flux to store 800 artifacts.

Artifact Restrictions

120% of player level + 10, Meaning any arts with a Level above this will not be able to be equipped in the player's art setup.

(player level x 1.2) + 10

Example: Level 10 (10x1.2)+10 = 22

For a comprehensive list see: AstroFlux Forum Post

Artifact Types

Name Primary Modifier

Omni Amplifier
Omni Dampener
Omni Enhancer
Superior Omni Enhancer
Exceptional Omni Enhancer

% all dmg
% resist all
# all dmg
# all dmg
# all dmg


Impact Dampener
Projectile Accelerator
Projectile Hardener
Superior Projectile Hardener
Exceptional Projectile Hardener

% kinetic resist
% kinetic dmg
# kinetic dmg
# kinetic dmg
# kinetic dmg


Energy Suppressor
Energy Booster
Energy Amplifier
Superior Energy Amplifier
Exceptional Energy Amplifier

% energy resist
% energy dmg
# energy dmg
# energy dmg
# energy dmg


Chemical Neutralizer
Corrosive Inducer
Acidious Injector
Superior Acidious Injector
Exceptional Acidious Injector

% corrosive resist
% corrosive dmg
# corrosive dmg
# corrosive dmg
# corrosive dmg


Oversized Structural Hardener
Structural Hardener
Structural Stabilizer
Superior Structural Stabilizer
Exceptional Structural Stabilizer
Armor Hardener
Armor Plating
Superior Armor Plating
Exceptional Armor Plating

-% shield to 150% hp
% health
# health
# health
# health
% armor
# armor
# armor
# armor


Oversized Shield Battery
Shield Battery
Shield Generator
Superior Shield Generator
Exceptional Shield Generator
Shield Recharger

-% hp to 150% shield
% shield
# shield
# shield
# shield
% shield regen


Power Capacitor
Power Generator
Superior Power Generator
Exceptional Power Generator

% inc maximum power
% inc power regen

Engine Booster.png

Engine Booster
Superior Engine Booster
Exceptional Engine Booster

% increased speed
% increased speed
% increased speed

Weapon Hypercharger.png

Weapon Hypercharger
Superior Weapon Hypercharger
Exceptional Weapon Hypercharger

% inc Attack Speed
% inc Attack Speed
% inc Attack Speed

System Optimizer.png

System Optimizer
Superior System Optimizer
Exceptional System Optimizer

% reduced cooldown
% reduced cooldown
% reduced cooldown

Superior & Exceptional Artifacts

Some artifacts come in superior and exceptional varieties. These artifacts can have very high bonuses and will only drop from an enemy above level 50. Superior artifacts have higher bonuses than normal artifacts. Exceptional artifacts have higher bonuses than superior artifacts.

Superior artifacts have a 4% through 8% drop rate (depending on the artifact type) and exceptional artifacts have a 1% drop rate. For example, there is a 1% chance that an Omni Enhancer dropped by an enemy above level 50 will be an exceptional Omni Enhancer.

Only certain types of artifacts can be superior or exceptional. [Examples/exceptions needed.]

Superior & exceptional artifacts will give more resources after recycling than normal ones.

Additional Information

Here are some additional artifact articles: