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Any time that people play together, it is important to have rules that everyone agrees to follow. These rules are enforced by voluntary moderators who help keep chat a safe and enjoyable experience. The moderators only oversee the chat system, they are not admins or developers of Astroflux.

Chat Rules

Unless otherwise stated, these rules apply to all chat channels. Failure to follow these rules can result in punishment. Consistent breaking of chat rules will result in extended bans. If you notice one of these rules being broken and a moderator is not online, please take a screenshot and send a private message a moderator on the Forum. If something that happens is not covered by the rules, the moderators are free to use their discretion. So please use common sense.

  1. No bad language (remember that children play this game)
    This includes swearing, sex talk, racist or hate language and other things too. If it is understandable what you were trying to say, it still counts. Censoring or using abbreviation can get you in trouble.
  2. NO CAPS
    Shouting at other users is not acceptable. Example: omg STOP KILLING ME. is not acceptable.
  3. The Global channel isn't for controversial topics
    Global chat channel is to ask and answer questions related to AstroFlux or to ask for help as well as some general chat between players. But don't spam your needs and no controversial topics. (Religion, National disputes, etc.)
  4. No spamming
    This includes flooding the chat with two or more lines of nonsensical text and text that is for no purpose other than annoying the playerbase. Flooding may be punished even if a user makes a single comment that sticks in context to what others have flooded in chat.
  5. No trolling
    This includes comments that are intended to anger another, shock comments, and personal attack comments. Also, do not feed the trolls. If you notice someone is trolling, don't respond to them.
  6. English only
    This applies to Global chat only. It prevents these channels from being flooded with content that cannot be understood by some players and it allows the moderators to properly monitor if the other rules are being followed. Local, Private Messages and Clan chat can be used any language and there are language specific clans established.
  7. Treat moderators and developers with the utmost respect
    In chat, moderators have an orange [mod] tag, while developers have a purple [dev] tag. If they are in the same system as you, you can see their status in the players menu ("P" key, by default).
  8. Don't report bugs or feature requests to developers in game chat
    Chat is not the place for this kind of feedback Please use the Forum so your feedback can be captured propelry by the development team.
  9. No asking for account details
    Don't discuss usernames or passwords in public chat.
  10. Don't ask to be a moderator
    If you ask, you'll never be one. Moderators are selected by the developers themselves, trying to influence them will likely only lower your chances of becoming one.

Courtesy Rules

While breaking these rules will not get you banned, they are frowned upon and will likely have consequences in game.

  1. Don't steal loot
    Taking loot from enemies you have not killed yourself is considered stealing. Getting to be known as a loot stealer can have long lasting consequences.
  2. Don't kill steal
    It's is annoying when you are killing an enemy and another person barges in without any invitation.
  3. Don't spawn camp players
    This is annoying behaviour and is likely to bite you later.
  4. Try to stay calm
    If a player asks you to stay away or leave them alone, don't overreact. They may just want to do things by themselves.

Diss-allowed Gameplay Activities

These are things you could be game banned for. They are not limited by the following, but it's a guideline to adhere to.

  1. Using certain weapons to disconnect others intentionally
    Weapons spammed on the intent of disconnection is not allowed.

Permitted Gameplay Activities

These are things you are allowed to do in AstroFlux and are often banned in other games

  1. Multiple accounts are okay
  2. Refreshing a system is okay
    If you are the only player in a system, you can reload your browser to make the system reset itself. This can be useful if you are attempting to farm for a specific item and the enemy has a long respawn timer.