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This article is about the AstroFlux Wiki.


The AstroFlux Wiki is a comprehensive wiki encyclopedia founded in 2013 that is dedicated to the AstroFlux video game created by Fula Fisken

As an encyclopedia, the purpose of our wiki is to create an accessible compendium of facts and information about AstroFlux in an intelligent and analytical way. The wiki also functions as a community hub for AstroFlux fans. Volunteer community members update the existing articles and create new ones regularly based on their own experience of the games and from information released by the development team, making the wiki a vital source for news and updates. (See our Astroflux wiki:Content Updates for the most recent changes and additions).

Feel free to contribute! Though created by the Astroflux developers, this wiki is maintained by Astroflux players. Joining us is simple, just create an account, read the rules and start editing.


Administrators are members of the community charged with maintaining the smooth operation of the wiki. They can protect pages, ban users and IPs, and delete pages and images from the system. Administrators are considered by some to be the "leaders" of the site, for lack of a better term.

When you have a problem or question regarding the site, an Administrator will help you any way he or she can. Unless they are no longer active, which none of them are.

Current administrators