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This article is about the AstroFlux Wiki.

Wiki Rules

In order to maintain some sort of order to the wiki and prevent page/user abuse users are required to observe the following rules at all times unless given permission by an administrator.


  1. Breaking the rules can lead to warnings on your user page and page rollbacks (removing changes) in the case of minor offences and account banning for more severe offences. As a last resort or immediately in the case of advertising vandalism (for example the classic 'win a free Iphone' page rather than just mentioning another game/a product) a permanent IP ban will be used.
  2. No spamming. No page vandalism. No blatent advertising. No foul language. No deliberate misinformation (see vandalism).
  3. No insulting other users on any pages (including talkpages)
  4. Don't put your signature onto pages other than talk pages, the wiki is for everyone to contribute to and we do not claim pages as our own (though you can attempt to on the talk pages but the main page should be kept clean.
  5. The place for discussion/debate is the talk page so repeated back-and-forth editing (one user changes it, the other changes it back, the first user changes it, etc), also known as editwarring, is not allowed, except if a page is being repeatedly vandalised and an admin is correcting the page.
  6. Respect admins, they have responsibility over normal users and the devs have responsibility over admins and normal users. Complaints about users should go to an admin (not the devs) and complaints about admins should go to the devs.
  7. Don't create duplicate pages, check existing pages before making a new page, if necessary duplicate pages can be merged.
  8. Follow the house style when creating pages similar to others, for example base a page for a new weapon on an existing weapon, and replace the details. This makes pages comparable, easier to edit/read and saves time, as you don't have to design the page yourself. It also looks more professional.