Aureus Judicator

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This article  is about Enemies.
Aureus Judicator

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Aureus Judicator.png

Found In
Aureus Lightning
Aureus Beam
Aureus Shapes Spawner
Damage Type(s)
Big Metal Scrap.pngHydrogen Oscillator.pngRadiated Junk.png
Special Drop(s)
Aureus Energy Manipulator.pngAureus Kinetic Manipulator.pngAureus Corrosive Manipulator.png
Enemy Type
Mini Boss
Health Shield
50,000 10,000,000
Health Regen Shield Regen
500 200,000
Armor Kamikaze
150 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
2,580 Experience
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


"Captain...should we really be this close? Captain! It's charging up its beam!"


A very powerful Aureus miniboss capable of destroying everything in its path. Found on the inner planets and spawners of the left solar system. Used to obliterate foes with its powerful beam and stacking leech lightning.


Many high level players are needed to take down this behemoth. Players will be needing to use a weapon to disable health regen, and its shield regen should also be nullified. It will occasionally spawn the Aureus shapes which should be disposed of quickly or else.

Recommended equipment

  • Heal debuff
  • Shield Regen debuff
  • Resist debuff
  • Optional damage debuff
  • High dps/high damage/high stacking weapons.
  • 75+% Energy resistance (175% is best)

How to Bait

Make sure you have high armor and high health ( >1000 armor), or high shield with high shield regen and full energy resist. Preferably in an Explorer 062, or any ship with a level 6 Teleportation Portal, head to any Spawner that spawns an Aureus Judicator and hit the Judicator with any DoT type weapon (preferably a long ranged long DoT one of 10 seconds or more), then flee to the safezone. When the Judicator teleports to you, activate your shield because the Aureus Beam will be armed and does major damage. While you run, the Judicator will spawn some of its shapes. Be careful, as they have high dps, and use your shield wisely. Soon it will stop spawning for a bit. Make sure that you're at the safe zone (if you aren't in it your DoT will end and the Judicator will warp back to its spawner) and that someone else is getting its attention, then change ships and wail on it!

There is a strategy on how to lure on the general forums here

Video: Luring Judicators


After a certain amount of time, it spawns the Aureus Triads, Aureus Orbs, Aureus Radiants and Aureus Squares.


  px Artifact   
  px Big Metal Scrap   
  px Hydrogen Oscillator   
  px Polyhedric Fabric   
  px Radiated Junk   
  px Gold Crate   
  px Aureus Energy Manipulator 3% drop rate
  px Aureus Kinetic Manipulator 3% drop rate
  px Aureus Corrosive Manipulator 3%drop rate

Spawn Location

The Aureus Judicator spawns on some inner Aureus Spawners and Anjio.

Encounter Experience

+2580 Experience