Aureus Sidus

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Aureus Sidus

Red System.png

Aureus Sidus.png

Found In
Fulzar (Rapir)
Aureus Lightning
Melee Attack
Damage Type(s)
Hydrogen Oscillator.png Big Metal Scrap.png Radiated Junk.png Polyhedric Fabric.png Advanced Data Chip.png
Special Drop(s)
Enemy Type
Health Shield
100,000 5,000,000
Health Regen Shield Regen
500 20000
Armor Kamikaze
200 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
20,000 Experience
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


"Captain it seems really angry. We shouldn't get near it."


The shiny, golden Aureus Ship is the 3rd-most powerful Aureus enemy found at the Aureus planets Ymer and Ur, and as well on the inner Aureus Spawners. It looks like a yellow 7-pointed star, consisting of 7 Aureus Sidus Shards attached to a central core. These 7 Aureus Sidus Shards will be released on destruction, which will make the fight go into a second stage. The Sidus only moves by teleport and will do so over large distances to follow its prey, while constantly spinning around and causing a quick death for all that wish to fight it close combat.


A sidus uses the weapon Aureus Lightning when attacking a player. The sidus does not move as a normal enemy would. Instead this teleports right onto the location the player is at. If it's already in the process of teleporting and the player moves then the sidus will land where the player "was" at instead of "on top". Sidus do not teleport if it's on the player or very close to it. A sidus teleports every 1-2 seconds. (Or longer if you're near the sidus. (2-6 seconds))


Since the Aureus Sidus has leach, high resist, high shield regen and 5M shield to tear down, usually multiple players are needed to kill this enemy. Tactics involve luring it to safe zone and debuffing its leach, shield regen and resists.

The Sidus has two ways of attack: Constantly beaming its energy Aureus Lightning to fry the enemy or teleporting on top of its victim to make make the spin deal severe kinetic damage. Combatants need to equip full energy resist to tank the energy lightning and evade the teleport to miss the spin.

The following guide is addressed to players with lower damage output to organize their killing parties.


What you need:

  • 75% energy resist
  • high defenses
  • fast ship

Go for the spawners in the second line of the inner Aureus space. There you will not want to get too close to the spawners to attract Monachus. Keep an eye open for shapes and orbs to appear, because this means a more dangerous Aureus Judicator spawned. You should then retreat or advance to another spawner. You will usually notice a spawned and aggroed Sidus when there is a teleport appearing and Lightnings flash at you. Keep moving, since you don't want to get spinned. When the Sidus is attracted, fly back to the safezone in a slightly swerving path, because the Sidus is good at intercepting you with its teleport ability - you would fly directly into the spin.


The team should consist of at least 2 (in case 1 dies) people debuffing the leach, and many to tear down the 5M defense. Additionally, some can debuff its shield regeneration and apply the right debuffs for the damage dealers to make the fight go faster. Of course, some people can take several roles at once. Fighting will now be represented by sitting outside of the safezone to aim at the non-moving Sidus, tanking and keeping the debuffs applied. If all useful AF meatshields are killed you can consider pulling it to another station, or tank it yourself until they respawn. Keep in mind the Lightning beam leaves a mild DoT on you which can grow too large in some seconds of tanking! Sidus also has 200 armor which can nullify attacks of lower base damage weapons. Anyway, you would want to use high damage weapons like Jaws, Shadowflames, Sticky Bomb or stacking corrosive DoT ones.


Hint: As the Sidus has 75% energy resist and debuffing energy resist is difficult, attacking with energy weapons is not useful to deal damage! (* except Shadow flames damage)


When the shields go down, health will soon follow. When the Sidus dies, 7 Aureus Sidus Shards will emerge. They prefer circling 8's around their enemies and are pretty fast so it is hard to debuff and hit them. With their Aureus Lightning beam they are able to do similar damage as the Sidus so be cautious when collecting the Sidus' loot.


Spawn Location

The Sidus spawns on Planets Ymer and 2 at Ur and some of the inner Aureus Spawners

Encounter Experience

20,000 Experience