Bionic Queen

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This article  is about Enemies.
Bionic Queen

Red System.png

Bionic Queen.png

Found In
Fulzar (Rapir)
Moth Zero Gland, Larva Lightning
Damage Type(s)
Corrosive, Energy
Bug Leg.pngBig Metal Scrap.pngRadiated Junk.pngAdvanced Data Chip.pngImplant.pngImplant.png
Special Drop(s)
Wasp Bait.png
Enemy Type
Health Shield
2,100,000 15,000
Health Regen Shield Regen
0 5,000
Armor Kamikaze
500 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


"Captain, Bionic Queen detected in this sector. We are going to avoid this thing right...right?"


The Bionic Queen is a radically altered Moth Queen like the Dread Queen but enhanced by the Nezerians to fight the Aureus in Fulzar. These Queens behave the same as the Dread Queen, chasing the player and firing large amounts of Moth Zero Gland. The Zero Gland damage is very large, often enough to kill a player with just a few hits. In addition the Queen possesses a short range 360 degree lightning attack that looks like Larva Lightning which it uses when a target is close enough. It is also used to heal the queen.

Finally the Queen gives birth to several little Bionic Larva minions behind it which move very slowly and attack with a lightning attack similar to the one of the Queen. These minions chase you for a while but shall die after a set amount of time when not in contact with an enemy.


  px Moth Zero Gland in several directions
  px Bionic Larva spawns
  px Larva Lightning   


Using Sticky Bombs is a great strategy if you can kite it while stacking the bombs onto the Queen. Using RoF is the best way to maximize damage by using this particular weapon. Queen armor is minimal and is not required to debuffed before killing it. One can use Astro Lance and Infested Missiles to stack kinetic damage onto the queen as it chases you. Another very risky but fast method is to use a high DPS short range weapon like Plasma Gun,Shadowflames,Nexar Light Wave Generator or Jaws to quickly kill it while circling inside its flank, but be wary of its very high DPS jaws melee attack, the stacking corrosive lightning and the 360° salvo of high damage moth zeros at an interval. Use hardened shield when it unleashes this attack . Do note that after some sustained fire the queen will retreat towards its spawner, when chasing after it be very careful of the bionic larvae it leaves in its wake. It is recommended to take a wider circle around the larva to make the queen aggro you again, or wait till it reaches the spawner and continue your attack. Another strategy is to use Plankton Siphon Gland, while letting it circle you.


  px Artifact lvl.80-90
  px Bug Leg   
  px Big Metal Scrap   
  px Radiated Junk   
  px Advanced Data Chip   
  px Bionic Implant 0-2
  px Genetic Control Implant 0-2
  px Gold Crate   

Special Drops

  px Wasp Bait 5% chance


The encounter for a level 80 Bionic Queen gives the player 10 000 xp.