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Black Holes are similar to Suns, and only specific systems have them.
Black Hole Astroflux.png

Gravity Problems

Much stronger than Sun's gravity, Black Holes have an extremely strong gravitational pull and are known for being able to pull careless pilots from a far distance away to the core and smash ships to pieces. Pilots must be extremely careful when trying to "sling shot" through the Black Hole with the hardened shield ability, as not every ship can resist the Black Hole's gravitational force at the center. Another problem is that pilots get pulled from safe zones into black holes. For the Warp Gate for the Durian black hole, sit to the top right of the zone or you will be sucked in from a long distance. In Fulzar, make sure to not sit in the bottom left of the Recycle Station or you will be sucked in


The following systems contain Black Holes

Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift is a mission where the player has to kill the Renegade Science Vessel which will spawn the ??? blobs. According to the AF Agents, the Renegades noticed that the Black Hole in Durian is expanding and that they are trying to stop the expanding and not letting mystical creatures come. It is also noted that there are ??? blobs at the Black Holes on both side of Fulzar. Many guesses lead to the conclusion that the ??? blobs in Durian teleported from Fulzar through the Black Hole.