Bounty Hunter Vorsran

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"Captain, this is a death mission. I did not sign up for this. Drop me off at the nearest inhabitable planet. I'm out of here."

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This is an assassination mission given to players to complete in Vorsran.

Start Location

Warp gate in Vorsran


Step Mission System Reward
1 Kill 1 Lieutenant Xhaveris Vorsran 5000 Steel, 10 Flux, 1x (lvl 100) Artifact, 1875 EXP
2 Kill 1 Lt Commander Gerhavis Vorsran 1000 Iridium, 15 Flux, 2x (lvl 105) Artifacts, 2250 EXP
3 Kill 1 Commander Zherghur Vorsran 1500 Hydrogen Spill, 20 Flux, 3x (lvl 110) Artifacts, 2625 EXP
4 Kill 1 Captain Xhargrefh Vorsran 1250 Plasma Fluid, 25 Flux, 4x (lvl ???) Artifact, 3000 EXP
5 Kill 1 Commodore Herivis Vorsran 10000 Steel, 30 Flux, 5x (lvl 115) Artifact, 3750 EXP
6 Kill 1 Rear Admiral Vorghis Vorsran 5000 Steel, 35 Flux, 5x (lvl 120) Artifact, 5625 EXP
7 Kill 1 Vice Admiral Ahrgeris Vorsran 6000 Plasma Fluids, 40 Flux, 5x (lvl 130) Artifacts, 7500 EXP
8 Kill 1 Admiral Zhersis Vorsran 7500 Iridium, 6x (lvl ???) Artifact, 14625 EXP
9 Destroy the Emperors (not released) Vorsran 25000 Steel, 50 Flux, 10x (lvl 140) Artifact, 18750 EXP


Part 1

  • Operative Smith: "We have been working hard to identify the key links in the enemy chain of command. Now we need someone with special skills to eliminate these targets. A large bounty awaits for the one who manage to eliminate the designated target. The first target is Lieutenant Xhaveris. He was last spotted commanding the defense near the entrance of the first circle. He commands a Nexar Tank class ship. Be careful not to end up facing the wrong side of a Tank class ship, its armed with an extremely deadly short range gatling gun. Its weaknesses is its' weak navigational capability."
  • Operative Smith: “Excellent work captain, your skills never stops amazing me. Ready for more work?”

Part 2

  • Operative Smith: "The second target is Lieutenant Commander Gerhavis. He was last spotted patrolling the first circle. He likes to command his troops from the back line, while sniping his enemies with deadly accuracy. Lieutenant Commander Gerhavis pilots a Nexar Projector class ship. The Nexar Projector is weak in close combat, They always try to stay at range and specialized for long range combat. A hefty bounty awaits whoever can bring me his head!"
  • Operative Smith: “Again… excellent work. Those sniper types are not so thought when it gets close and personal, right?

Part 3

  • Operative Smith: "The next target is Commander Zherghur. This is going to be more difficult, Commander Zherghur pilots a Nexar Blade type of ship. The Nexar Blade is fast and well armoured, it's very strong in close combat. Commander Zherghur was last seen organizing the defense of the second circle."
  • Operative Smith: “Well done captain! Read for something a bit more troublesome?”

Part 4

  • Operative Smith: “The next mark is Captain Xhargrefh. This is going to be a lot more difficult. Captain Xhargref pilots an Elite Class Phaser vessel. The phaser is capable of completely negating energy resistances with it‘s powerful Phaser beam weapon. The mark seems to prefer hit and run type of attacks. You might want to clear out any back up in the area before engaging this target. Captain Xhargrefh was last observed commanding the defences at the entrance to the third circle.”
  • Operative Smith: “Unbelievable! You definitely earned the reward!”

Part 5

  • Operative Smith: “The next link in their chain of command is Commodore Herivis. He is in a Nexar Edge class ship. He managed to take out the whole scouting squadron with a single shot. It appears as if they finally have managed to mount of version of the Heavy Weave generator, the type that those nasty space station turrets are sporting, on a mobile vessel. The damage output of this craft is insane, whatever you do, do not get hit. Even if you use harden shields against it, your defences will be severely weakened for a long time. Herivis was last seen the entrance to the 4th circle.”
  • Operative Smith: “Amazing work there Captain!“

Part 6

  • Operative Smith: “My agents have just identified the next target; Rear Admiral Vorghis. He commands an upgraded version of the Nexar Blade vessel. Our scouts reports that Admiral Vorghis vessel have greatly improved harden shields, leaving only a few seconds during which the ship is vulnerable. Vorghis was last seen patrolling the 4th circle.“
  • Operative Smith: “That’s great news Captain! Rear Admiral Vorghis is no more! This should severely disrupt their defensive capabilities. You have truly earned the bounty. Ready for next mark?“

Part 7

  • Operative Smith: “The next mark is Vice Admiral Ahrgeris. Ahrgeris is a rising star among the Nexar, he have the reputation of being the best pilot in their entire fleet. He pilots a Vindicator class ship, it’s strong, heavily armed and sports a teleporting device. Ahrgeris was last observed organizing the defences of the entrance to the 5th circle.”
  • Operative Smith: “Excellent work captain, this assassination business seems to suit you very well.”

Part 8

  • Operative Smith: “The next target is something completely different, if you choose to go after this one…. I don’t expect to see you again. The mark is Admiral Zhersis, so far we have no intel on this one. The agents that have been dispatched to investigate this target have all vanished without a trace. There is a huge reward waiting for anyone that can bring me Admiral Zhersis head.”
  • Operative Smith: “Outstanding captain! To be fair I never expected to see you again. You keep exceeding our wildest expectations! You have really earned the reward this time!”

Part 9

  • Operative Smith: "We have managed to gather a lot more intel on the nexar while you were gone. The nexar are ruled by three Emperors. Apparently the Nexar value strength in battle as main qualification for any position in their government. Every 4th a year a competition is held, a battle royal until only three are left alive. These three are given the title of Emperor and are placed in charge of empire for the next four years. Our agents reports that they await challenges from everyone in the middle of 5th circle. If you somehow could defeat them...maybe this war will finally end."
  • Operative Smith: “Unbelievable! You did it! Finally we beat the Nexar!”