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This is a 24 part mission. Extremely hard, only do this if you're lvl 90+ and it's recommended not to do any killing task if you're at least half way to leveling up. Reward will be the Bionic Larva (Ship)

Start Location

Abandoned hangar in Fulzar


Step Mission System Reward
1 Go to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar, location 183,230.  ???
2 Go to the Warp Gate in Hozar  ???
3 Collect 512 Bug Legs Hozar  ???
4 Return to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar  ???
5 Gather poison from 64 Bionic Macrophages Fulzar  ???
6 Go to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar  ???
7 Collect 8 Genetic Control Implant from Bionic Queen Fulzar  ???
8 Go to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar  ???
9 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin  ???
10 Kill 32 Renegade Spy-1 Zergilin 12600 XP
11 Go to the Abandoned Hangar (temporary Giant Wasp pets) Fulzar  ???
12 Gather posion from 64 Bionic Daemon Fulzar 16 Flux, ~20000 XP
13 Go to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar 8 Lvl 92 Artifacts, ~6400 XP
14 Collect 8 Brain Tissue from Mother Brain Neurona 12600 XP
15 Go to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar 10 Lvl 96 Artifacts, ~9400 XP
16 Collect 64 Genetic Control Implant from Bionic Queen Fulzar 32 Flux, 24208 XP
17 Go to the Abandoned Hangar (Bionic Larva (Ship) reward) Fulzar Bionic Larva (Ship), ~9200 XP
18 Kill 8 things Anywhere 8 Flux, ~6500 XP
19 Kill 256 Aureus Warrior or Aureus Monachus Fulzar 32 Flux, ~24200 XP
20 Collect 32 Hydrogen Oscillator Fulzar 8 Flux, ~12400 XP
21 Go to the Abandoned Hangar Fulzar 10 Lvl 100 Artifacts, ~9400 XP
22 Collect 1024 Radiated Junk Anywhere 8 Flux, ~12400 XP
23 Go to the Abandoned Hangar (Bionic Teleport reward) Fulzar 10 Lvl 100 Artifacts, ~9400 XP


Part 1

  • Lieutenant Nguyen: ”Captain, we received a message for you, unfortunately due to static interference we were just able to decode two words: ‘Bug’ and ‘Legs’. I wonder what that could possibly mean… well I don’t have time for this so I’ll leave it up to you to figure out.” “Find Xhargreg somewhere in Fulzar.”
  • Xhargreg: ”What took you so long? There’s an emergency of untold proportions unfolding here. The world is in dire need of saving! And you were busy doing… uhm… exactly… what? You must hurry! Head over to the Hozar system already, I will contact you again once you get to the Warp Gate.”

Part 2

  • Go to the warp gate in Hozar.
  • Xhargreg: ”Finally! This situation is far worse than I anticipated. The horrible truth is... that... uhm… that I’m completely out of bug legs! This is where you come in, get me… hmmm about… 512 bug legs, yes… ehrm… about 512 bug legs should be enough for now.

Part 3

  • Gather 512 bug legs from any of the larger moths.
  • Xhargreg: ”Great work there… ehrm.. this must be your greatest achievement ever! Head back over here at once with the bug legs.”

Part 4

  • Xhargreg: ”Now that the dreadful ‘bug leg crisis’ finally has been resolved... we can go back to the less important issues… have you by any chance noticed the situation in Fulzar? The most distressing part... is... that there doesn’t seem to be any new bugs here... *sob*... I mean… what’s the use of exploring a new system if there are no bugs around? *sob* We should focus on resolving this issue...”
  • None

Part 5

  • Xhargreg: ”Remember the mutagenic poison you discovered from the Experimental Macrophages back in Sarkinon? It seems like the Nezerians have perfected this toxin, so why don’t you go and make yourself useful... collect about…. a bit of it? I would recommend filling that ship of yours to the brim with the mutagenic poison… by doing it that way you can get enough in just one trip! Thing about the time you’ll save!!! Hehehehhrgrhghghgh!” *Gather Poison from 64 Bionic Macrophages*
  • Xhargreg: ”Hurry back here!! I can’t wait to make more giant wasps!!” Crew: “Are you sure Captain?” Crew: “I hate wasps!!” Crew: “Uhg... this stuff can’t be healthy, let’s just dump it somewhere… ”

Part 6

  • Xhargreg: ”It works!! HAHAhahahehheh... *coughing*… I think it likes you!” Giant Mutated Wasp: “Bzzzzz!” Crew “Eeeek!” Xhargreg: ”Excellent! But we are not done yet! Lets think bigger! ” Giant Mutated Wasp: “Bzzzzz??”
  • None

Part 7

  • Xhargreg: ”It’s large.. yes… but not like a Moth Alpha or… those Bionic Queens… I need to study the Genetic Control Implants used on the Bionic Queens, about 8 of those should be enough, they might be useful in regulating their growth cycle… just think about the potentials here!” *Xhargregs mind floats off into his own little world… probably filled with even more gigantic wasps….*
  • Xhargreg: ”Great! One Implant is actually enough… but I like the number 8 more… anyway return here with the implants… I need to try them right away! Hahahahehahgrh… oh and I even have a reward for you!”

Part 8

  • Xhargreg: ”Gimme gimme gimme!!!” *2h hours later* Crew: “How about handing over that reward you mentioned?” Even Larger Giant Mutated Wasp: “BZZZZZ!” Xhargreg: ”Sure…. just take a bug-leg... there is a pile somewhere...”
  • None

Part 9

  • Xhargreg: ”I’ve run into a little problem… I don’t know if you have noticed… but those damn Nezerians are extremley immune to poisons and highly resistant to kinetic attacks… this unfortunately results in an unfair advantage over my poor wasps… *sob*... you need to do something about this! The Renegades in Zergilin have developed a toxin that reduces kinetic resistances…hrmm... this could prove to be the key… go to my old lab in Zergilin” Even Larger Giant Mutated Wasp: “bzzzz???”
  • Xhargreg: ”Kill 32 Renegade Spies and collect samples from their Corrosive Missiles” Even Larger Giant Mutated Wasp: “bzzzz!!!” Crew: “Eeeek! Where did that come from???”

Part 10

  • ”Kill 32 Renegade Spies and collect samples from their Corrosive Missiles”
  • Crew: “we received a message from Xhargreg, it goes something like: ‘Bzzzz! Bzzzz! BZZZZ!!!’” Crew: “Maybe we should return and check if Xhargreg is ok…” Crew: “or run away to a guaranteed wasp free place…”

Part 11

  • Return to Xhargreg in Fulzar.
  • Xhargreg: ”Welcome back… I hope you were successful? Now… erhm… let’s use the Genetic Control Chip to modify the Wasps toxin to mimic the renegade one you collected..” *10 hours later* Even Larger Giant Mutated Wasp: “BzzZzzZzzzzZzz!!” *It looks happy…* Xhargreg: ”Success!!! Hahahahehahgrhegtrghh… You have been of great assistance to the wasps of this world! What more could you wish for in life???” Crew: “Perhaps… a reward?” Xhargreg: ”Next we have to deal with the Nezerians corrosive resistance… this is more tricky… the toxins of the Bionic Deamons could be useful… go gather some… or… a lot… like 8*8!”

Part 12

    • Gather Poison from 64 Bionic Deamons*
  • Xhargreg: ”The Wasps have gather small pile of junk from their Nezerians victims… you can have it when if you return here… ”

Part 13

  • Xhargreg: ”Hurry!!! Hand over the samples!! Excellent!!” *jumps up and down* Crew: “And… the reward you mentioned? Let me guess a bug leg?” Xhargreg: ”No… I can’t spare anything that valuable… take that pile of glowing cube like things that the wasps brought back… for some reason???” Crew: “Errr… is that a pile of Artifacts??” Even Larger Giant Mutated Wasp: “Bzz!!!!” Crew: “Eeeek!” Crew: “I supposes that’s a ‘yes’… errr… thanks?”
  • None

Part 14

  • Xhargreg: ”I have an excellent idea.. I need you to bring me a few samples of brain tissue from that failure in Neurona…” *Collect 8 Samples of Brain Tissue from the Mother Brain in Neurona*
  • Xhargreg: ”Hurry back! We are on the brink of a breakthrough here! Hahaharrhrgheheh…”

Part 15

  • Xhargreg: ”Most facinating… I can’t wait to see the result of this experiment… Hehehehahahrgegeg… Whe wasps brought back another useless pile of glowing junk while you were gone… feel free to grab it.. I wonder why they do that anyway…” Crew: “More artifacts! Finally something useful!” Truly Gigantic Mutated Wasp: “Bzzzzzzz…?” Xhargreg: ”I seem to have run out of Genetic Control Implants… I need you to fetch a few more…”
  • None

Part 16

  • Gather 64 Genetic Control Implants from the Bionic Queens in Fulzar
  • Xhargreg: ”Excellent… this will allow me to create a whole new generation of wasps! I have prepared a truly unique reward for you this time…” Crew: “I don’t like this… a truly unique reward can’t possibly be anything good when it comes from this guy…”

Part 17

  • Xhargreg: ”Here have a Bionic Larva… I duplicated the Nezerians Bionic technology and applied it to a more useful creature...” Crew: “Errr… what? You want us to go inside that… thing?” Xhargreg: ”Go try it out! Preferably on those Nezerians… they had stomach of calling me mad…. actually… when thinking about it…. I don’t know if they have a stomach… would you mind checking that for me? Hahahhahagagggrggr...”
  • None

Part 18

  • Go kill a few enemies…. with the Bionic Larva… Crew: “Captain... why do we have to do this…?
  • Xhargreg: ”You think it’s too slow? Pff… actually I just had a great idea… almost a stroke of genius… have you noticed that those odd golden ships seem to have the ability to teleport? Yes… exactly TELEPORTING WASPS!!! This must be the greatest invention… since fire… or nuclear fusion...? Go investigate this Aureus Teleport Technology.. “ Crew: “Oh no… Captain, why did you have to give him that idea??”

Part 19

  • Go investigate the Aureus Teleport Technology.. kill a total of 256 Aureus Warriors and Aureus Monachus.
  • Xhargreg: ”Good… I have managed to record the energy signature of their teleport devices...I will need some of those Hydrogen Oscillators”

Part 20

  • Gather 32 Hydrogen Oscillators.
  • None

Part 21

  • Return to Xhargreg in Fulzar
  • Xhargreg: ”I’m sure that I can reverse engineer how their teleport devices works from this… yes…” Crew: “Really?? That’s actually truly impressive.. for once.. “ Xhargreg: ”The Wasps keeps bring back piles of those glowing things… please just take some of them… before I’m out of space for my highly important scientific research...“ Crew: “More artifacts! I don’t know if this is even more impressive… Thanks?” Truly Gigantic Mutated Wasp: “Bzz! Thank! bzzz... You! Bzz..” Crew: “Errr… what’s happening here?”

Part 22

  • Xhargreg: ”I need some fuel for the teleportation device… I’m going to have to extract it from Irradiated Junk… gather 1024 pieces of it..“ Truly Gigantic Mutated Wasp: “Bzz!” Crew: “Bzz to you too! Truly Gigantic Mutated Wasp: *Happy Bzz!*
  • None

Part 23

  • Xhargreg: ”...” *8 hours later* Xhargreg: ”It’s done!!! I’ve succeeded! A teleporting Wasp! The world has changed for the better today! Hehehehhrgrhgrhghrgh” Crew: “Oh no…” Xhargreg: ”I also fitted your Bionic Larva with a Teleportation Device… and there’s another pile of those glowing things… apparently the Wasps are attracted to those… I can’t possibly imagine why... just throw it away or something...” Crew: “Thanks?” Truly Gigantic Mutated Teleporting Wasp: *Happy Bzz!* Crew: “I’m not sure if what we have done today really is a good thing…” Truly Gigantic Mutated Teleporting Wasp: *Sad bzz...*
  • None