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Commands perform tasks related to the chat. Some of these tasks can be performed in ways, other than a command (I.E. Muting the global channel). Other tasks can only be performed via a command (I.E. Sending a private message).

Key for syntaxes

end of individual syntax
target player name
proceed with message

How To Read Each Command

description of command function 

to send a group invite 
*/i_(), /inv_(), /invite_(),*
to accept a group invite 
leave your current group 
send a global message 
send a local message 
*/l_>, /local_>,*
send a message to your clan 
*/c_>, /clan_>,*
send a message to your group 
*/g_>, /grp_>, /group_>,*
message a selected player 
*/w_()_>, /whisper_()_>, /m_()_>, /t_()_>, /tell_()_>, /private_()_>,*
reply private message with a private message 
*/r_>, /reply_>,*
list all players in current system 
mute/not-see global channel 
*/mute, /mute_global,*
unmute/see global channel 
ignore player (doesn’t block private messages) 
remove “ignored status” from player 
list all commands 
decrease fps 
system stats 
player id 
change song