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This article  is about Enemies.
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Chelonidron large.png

General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inVibrilian
AttackFlame Trail
Chelonidron Claw
Damage TypeEnergy + Kinetic
Drop(s)Artifact.pngGold Crate.pngRadiated Junk.pngCore Charge.pngAlien Alloy.png
SpecialFlame Trail.png
Corrosive Resist25%
Energy Resist25%
Kinetic Resist0%


"Hey captain, I have heard a big monster is roaming around here.... Oh hey! that...that....thats the m---- Run! more bugs incoming!"


This exoskeletal horror rampages through Vibrilian leaving a trail of death behind it. Watch out for it's fiery tail and don't go anywhere near it's head. This boss consist of three parts,

Part Stats Attack
Chel Head.png Chelonidron Head 1,800,000 health Flamethrower
Chel Body.png Chelonidron Spawner 550,000 health Spawns Mature Dire Moth and Locust
Chel Tail.png Chelonidron Tail 1,000,000 health Flame Trail

Chelonidron's tail may be optional to be destroyed, but it may cause some trouble with it's fiery trail.

Parts can be destroyed one by one, if the part has been destroyed, then that body part cannot damage.


  • Only the head and the body take damage that contribute towards the health.
  • The head shoots its flamethrower when the boss sees if there is any mine, missile, piraya or a bomb.
  • Weapon types : Kinetic (Chelonidron claw) and Energy (Flame Thrower & Flame trail)
  • If the player does contact with any part of chelo, the player may recieve some damage.
  • Chelonidron drops Advanced Data Chip sometimes
  • Chelonidron is sometimes known as "Chelly" so if referred to as this by another player, that's who he/she is talking about.
  • If you fly over Chelonidron's Spawner, it will not damage you and you cannot be attacked by any of its weapons, only spawned creatures. If you are Chelonidron's target, you can actually steer him like a ship by flying just behind his head. Whichever direction you choose to (slowly) veer off towards, Chelly will also turn to "chase" you. Using this with an auto-targeting weapon like the ion gun can make it easier to target the body segment after the head has been destroyed.

Special Drops

  px Flame Trail 25% drop rate


Artifact.png Artifact 6-7
  px Gold Crate 2-3
  px Radiated Junk   
  px Core Charge   
  px Alien Alloy   

Spawn Location

Chelonidron spawns randomly outside the system.
Respawn time, 15 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 32,000xp to players who defeat it for the first time.