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Clans are available after the release of V7.10.

Accessing the Clan Menu

The Clan screen is accessible by pressing "B" on the keyboard or by clicking on the Button clans.png-button at the bottom right of the screen.

Creating/Joining a Clan

Creating a clan costs 200 flux, but joining a clan is free. To join a clan players have the opportunity to send a private request at the clan screen. When the player has joined a clan they can communicate with their clan mates via Clan chat. Commands for clan chat are /c or /clan. These commands are only available when you are in a clan and does not work if you are not.

Clan Troons and Rank

Clan Troons (A Trophy) are gained via clan member's troons, activity, and level. More of these three things, the more troons the clan shall receive. Players ranks inside the Clan are also important. The top two ranks (out of 4) can accept/decline people into the clan as well as kick, promote and demote fellow clan mates who are under their rank. The higher the rank of a player, the more troons they contribute to the clan.