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Dmat's Crew Training Guide - A must read before you start training!

Crews (or sometimes called crew members) are used for exploring planets in the different systems. They can be acquired by visiting cantinas.

As there are three types of missions, the crew members have three attributes: Skill environment.png Survival, Skill diplomacy.png Diplomacy and Skill combat.png Combat. Beside of that, crew members can also already have or learn different special abilities. These can be Spec cold.png Cold, Spec heat.png Heat, Spec radiation.png Radiation, Spec first contact.png First Contact, Spec trade.png Trade, Spec collaboration.png Collaboration, Spec kinetic.png Kinetic Weapons, Spec bio weapons.png Bio Weapons and Spec energy.png Energy Weapons.

Female0.png Female1.png What the heck is that on her shoulder? Where are its legs? Female3.png Female4.png Furry ears...soooo soft...Female6.png Male0.png Male1.png Male2.png Male3.png Male4.png Male5.png Male6.png Male7.png Male8.png

Your crew members gain experience on their attributes by doing exploration missions on planets or by training. If they are too weak for a mission they are sent on they might get injured. In that case they won't be able to do missions for some shown time but even at failing missions the crew gains experience. If a crew member is sent on a mission with a special ability he/she does not have learned yet, he/she will fail one or two times but will learn the ability for future missions.

Crew members names are as follows:


Andrew, Beeble-blox, Esteban, Joe, Lee-Sin, Paul, Schneider, Steel, XQ-8R, Yashi


Babilinus, Elsa, Georgina, Hanna, Hinata, Jane, Jasmine, Quinna, Sakura


Some players prefer to have crew members "specialize" in either Survival, Diplomacy, or Combat early on in the game. Specializing Crew members can be helpful in two aspects : Exploring planets and upgrading Artifacts.

Specializing in planet exploration

When you are discovering planets to explore, having specialized crew members (it is better to have three crew members in this case, each specialized in one of the main attributes) allows for simultaneous explorations : each member can explore a place according to its main attribute. Doing so will drastically improve exploring speed (up to three times as fast compared to having one generalist crew member) and will greatly reduce limations from injuries (if your only crew member is injured, it will temporary freeze any attempt to explore).

Specializing in upgrading artifacts

Reminder : To have optimal chances of upgrading an artifact, your crew member need the following :

  • 500 points in at least one attribute
  • 20 points in at best two attributes (so you can unlock special abilities)
  • at least 8 special abilities unlocked (like Cold, First Contact, Kinetic Weapons etc.)

For further information about upgrading artifacts, check this : Upgrading Artifacts

Since your crew member needs to have 500 points in an attribute plus the special abilities to reach full upgrading potential, having specialized crew members is way more effective as you can begin optimal upgrading sooner as if you had a single generalized crew member. You can, as well, upgrade multiple artifacts at a time, to gain even more time. Its main utility is to drastically reduce the time needed to have powerful artifacts, which is basically extremely long.


Training your crew is one way of getting skill points, which are used to upgrade your crew member's stats. To train your crew you must open your ship menu. From there, manage your crew. Select the crew member you want to train, and then hit the train button below their special skills. And viola! Your crew member is training. When your crew member is finished training, they will gain 5 skill points! Pretty cool, eh? However, it takes time to train your crew. The more stats your crew member has, the longer it will take to train them. Another way to get crew points is by upgrading artifacts. Every time an artifact is done upgrading some training points will be given for you to spend.

Some Approaches to Crew Training

When it comes to training, the first thing everybody should do: Read Dmat's Crew Training Guide on the forum!

Planet exploration

Crew members gain 6 - 1 skill points for exploring planets. When a crew member is "overqualified" in a specialization (survival, diplomacy, combat) They will receive fewer skill points. Crew members with less than the specified specialization will receive 6-5 skill points, Crew members with about equal specialization will receive 5, and crew members with a lot more specialization than is required will learn less (4 - 1 skill points).

Faster crew leveling

Some players want to reach the "500/500/500" crew stats as fast as possible. The strategy for doing this involves a lot of sacrifice for a longer term gain. Remember that even with a "500/500/500" crew member, the most likely outcome of leveling an artifact will still be +l level. This strategy should take around 2 - 3 months when followed strictly.

The time required to train a crew member increases with the total number of skill points that crew member has. Some players prefer to hold off on exploring planets until the training time becomes unreasonably long. It becomes much faster to gain skill points from planet exploration instead of training. Holding off on applying skill points can be used to increase the skill gain from planet exploration. However, doing so is a Trade-Off. Postponing explorations also postpones gaining the resources and flux from planets, and the artifacts you upgrade in the short run will have poorer results from not applying the crew's skill points. Also, trying to get the full 6 skill points out of explorations increases the risk of injury. Most players find a balance that works for them; such as applying some points, or exploring some of the planets and saving others. Trying too hard to maximize one's crew can make the game less fun.

General strategy:

  • Quickly get 3 crew members, and train them immediately
  • Do not apply skill points until they are "needed"
  • Wait until training is "unreasonably long" to explore planets
  • Send all crew members to each exploration with "just enough" applied points
  • Try to hold off on planet exploration until you know you "will" have enough points after exploring all the remaining planets to have crew stats you want.


Survival Skill

Crew Training