Death Line

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"Captain, be very careful and fly your ship between the lines."

Death lines are dangerous obstacles that cause an impassable barrier that players cannot cross. They deal approximately 20% damage (not factoring shield damage reduction and armor). They are primarily found in Venturi, Neurona, Cynapsian,Vorsran, and in PVP arenas such as Deathmatch and Domination as well as the defunct King of the Zone.

They have come under many changes during production of the game. They were first used as actual "death" lines which terminate the ship on contact. They were then changed to "Slow" lines which just slow the player ship, then they were reversed to their old state. After a while, they were made back to being slow lines but after some discussion they were changed to being danger lines which harm the ship while also slowing it.


A slight amount of cargo is sometimes lost upon death, such as 5 data chips, for example.

This works differently for bug legs missions, hydrogen oscillator missions, polyhedric fabric missions, bionic implant missions, and genetic implant missions: if you die with 10, the count returns to 0, even if you pick up all 10, die, and pick them up again.