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This article  is about Enemies.

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Dominator large.png

General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inDurian (Antor),
AttackDominator Turret Dominator Missile Turret Dominator Saw
Damage TypeEnergy and Kinetic
Shield Regen0
Corrosive Resist0%
Energy Resist5%
Kinetic Resist5%


"Shall we eliminate it? It looks tough though... but lets give a try!"


The Dominator is a boss found in Durian. It spawns at random locations and follows a path around the edge of the outer orbit of the system. It does very little damage, and is easy to get behind, because it has a very large turning radius. it is the easiest boss in the Antor sector.

The Dominator is made up of the following parts:

Part Stats Attack
Dominator Body.png Dominator Body 10,000 health
Dominator Turret.png Dominator Turret 1,000 shield
1,000 health
20 Shield Regen
Blaster which does 24 points of energy damage per shot
Dominator Missile Turret.png Dominator Missile Turret 1,000 Shield
1,000 Health
5 Shield Regen
Missile Launcher which does 108 damage per missile
Razor Turret.png Dominator Saw 1,000 shield
1,000 health
20 Shield Regen
200 Kinetic damage on contact.


Lower Levels: Levels 1-9 may have difficulty avoiding The Dominators Cluster Missiles, but there is a simple solution. First, locate the Dominator. When you find him, move right on top of him. When you are on top of him, use a weapon such as the Beamer or the Lightning Gun or the Broadside. This allows all of your weapons fire to shoot him, wasting less power. His missiles are slow, so you can stay ahead of them if you follow him. If all else fails, the Nova allows the player to destroy the missiles.

Higher levels: Mostly the same as above, he does next to no damage to level 30+, allowing easy carnage.

Recommended equipment


  px Gold Crate 3-4
  px Alien Alloy   
  px Simple Data Chip   
  px Medium Data Chip   

Spawn Location

Dominator spawns randomly outside the system.
Respawn time, 5 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 4,000xp to players who defeat it for the first time.