Dread Queen

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Dread Queen
General Information
Enemy TypeMini Boss
Found inKaludon in Mitrilion system
AttackMoth Zero Gland
Acid Spray
Vampire Bite
Damage TypeCorrosive, Energy and Kinetic
Health Regen1,000
Corrosive Resist25%
Energy Resist25%
Kinetic Resist0%


"Wait, this is the bug we found in Zergilin, right? But.... It seems... it's different now! Be careful captain, this isn't the same bug..."


The Dread Queen is a mini boss in the Mitrilion system, located on the planet Kaludon in the left side elite area which is populated by large numbers of Dread Algae and Dread Moths as well. Basically a much meaner version of the Moth Queen found in Zergilin, this boss is not to be trifled with and presents a major challenge even for higher level players. The Dread Queen also has a very large amount of hitpoints making any fight with her a long one. This enemy is one of four sources of the Moth Zero Gland weapon, the others being the Bionic Queen, the Dread Moths surrounding Kaludon and the Cynapsian Dread Moths.

Weapons and damage

The Dread Queen fires Moth Zero Glands like the Dread Moths around her. They come in two patterns, a narrow spread forwards and a 360 degree circular pattern in all directions. The projectiles deal large amounts of damage (12624) and can and often will kill a player without maximum resists in one hit or group of hits. Similarly to other large moth type enemies, she will also use a bite attack if any player is foolish enough to venture close enough. Beware! Keep your distance while fighting her because when she is low on health she will enter her kamikaze mode in which she rushes toward the player and deals massive damage (18321) exploding on the unlucky recipient.



Spawn Location

Kaludon planet
The Dread Queen spawns from the middle Flower Spawner at (-888, 333)
Respawn time, 10 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 20,000 xp to players who defeat it for the first time.