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This is a hard mission for "Fulzar" update including 9 steps and lots of steel reward for any players who want a ticket to Fulzar.

Start Location

Mitrilion's north Recycle Station


Step Mission System Reward
1 Go to Sinensis Mitrilion 769 XP
2 Go to Warp Gate Vibrilian 822 XP
3 Go to Osho's Upgrade Arrenius 20k steel, 3 Flux, 3750 XP
4 Go to Vlardenon Sarkinon 20k steel, 3 Flux, 3750 XP
5 Go to Glictan Zergilin 20k steel, 3 Flux, 3750 XP
6 Go to New Erath Fulzar 1935 XP
7 Collect 10 Polyhedric Fabric from the Aureus Fulzar 20k steel, 3 Flux, 3750 XP
8 Collect 5 Hydrogen Oscillators Fulzar 20k steel, 2 Flux, 3750 XP
9 Land on Lak Fulzar 50k steel, 5x lv 90 artifacts, 5465 XP



Part 1

  • We have recieved a distress call from the planet Sinensis here in Mitrillion. Please investigate and rescue any survivors.
  • John McClain: ”Ahh… finally. Thank you for helping me good Sir, I’m a John, John McClain, a pioneer in planetary excavations. Yes, I have already filled your ship to the brim with tools needed for this expidition. Haven’t you heard about the new system Fulzar, the legend says its a golden paradise, with planets made of solid gold! But no time for small talk, I have been waiting for this opportunity for years now.

Part 2

  • Goto the Warp Gate in Vibrilian.
  • John McClain: “Ohhh…. the warp license is pretty expensive… well. I guess I could offer you a deal, a lot of people owe me money and I need someone to collect them for me. I will give you 5% if you do it quickly. I’m eager to look for new climbing gear in Hangar 2.”

Part 3

  • Land on Oshos Upgrades in Arrenius and collect the money he owes John.
  • John McClain: "The next guy that owes can be quite tricky to find. He is a missing AF Agent that was last seen on the planet Vlardenon in the Sarkinon system."

Part 4

  • Land on Vlardenon in Sarkinon and find the missing AF Agent that owes John a lot of money.
  • John McClain: "There is one more client that owes me money, but he is a nasty renegade fraud that laughed at me when I asked him to return my investment. Please don't reason with him!"

Part 5

  • Land on Glictan in Zergilin and collect money from a renegade fraud called Murxim.
  • John McClain: "That was the last one, you should have enough resources for Fulzar now, or at least not far from it. I will update my astrometric database, let me know when we are ready for Fulzar."

Part 6

  • Travel to New Erath in Fulzar and let John McClain see the new world with his own eyes.
  • John McClain: “Wow… this is really amazing! It was true, there are planets made of gold here, but unfortunately they are also guarded by a highly technological race. However, their small fighters seem to be made of some unknown material, if you destroy them I can detect and salvage some of it.”

Part 7

  • Pick up 10 Polyhedric Fabric that we can trade for steel.
  • John McClain: “Ahh… yes, this is a spectacular material, its impervious to all kinds of energy weapons and almost impenetrable by physical force. No wonder the Aureus dominate this region of space. Ohh.. I almost forgot your share. Now.. I have heard that rumours about an abstract kind of energy ship that the Aureus can project. When they are destroyed the projection oscillators sometimes stay intact. I would really love to get hold of one of those. Bring me with you and let me handle the tractor beam..”

Part 8

  • Find 5 Hydrogen Oscillators for John McClain so he can trade it for steel.
  • John McClain: “Wohooo! I can’t believe you made it. The crystal looks prestine and I will give you 10% of the market price. Yes, I always reward hard working people like you. Now I have enough funding for my grand expedition, I want you to bring me down safely on the Lak sphere. I heard the spheres seem to have an atmosphere that can support life but that no lifeforms exist and its uncertain what the purpose of the spheres actually is. Once I’m there I will start my excavation and see if I can reveal its origin and purpose.”

Part 9

  • Bring John McClain to the surface of Lak so he can start the excavation.
  • John McClain: “Thank you again! I will start excavating the surface and then go deeper into the core. My expedition crew are already set and if you want to explore some yourself, feel free to do so. Here is your final reward.”