Fanatic Tank

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Fanatic Tank

Green System.png

Enemy fanatic tank.png

Found In
Missile Launcher, Nuke Launcher, Plasma Torpedos and Scattergun (similar to prismatic crystals)
Damage Type(s)
Energy and Kinetic
Core Charge.pngEngine Part.pngFusion Core.pngGold Crate.png
Special Drop(s)
Enemy Type
Mini Boss
Health Shield
128,000 1,472,000
Health Regen Shield Regen
0 500
Armor Kamikaze
0 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


"Captain... are you sure you want to fight this?... Once it starts... there's no going back..."..."... have you decided captain? Yes or no?"


Fanatic Tank is a deadly foe armed with an arsenal of weapons that can bring down the toughest players. It can be found in the eastern half of Vibrilian and is one of the stronger mini-bosses in AstroFlux. Unlike most enemies in the game, the Fanatic Tank will not attack unless it is attacked first.

The Fanatic Tank has multiple orbits which it may follow clockwise or anti-clockwise. The Fanatic Tank will randomly choose one of its orbits to follow when it spawns. It even has a spiraling type orbit. Normal speed Fanatic Tank will take 4:30 to complete an orbit. A fast tank (Orange or Green Aura) will take 3:00 to complete an orbit. One orbit has been observed that loops below the recycle and never comes as high as the recycle. The main orbits are approximated below:

Tank Orbits.png


Head on attack

This tactic is only recommended if you are above level 90. It is best to attack the Fanatic Tank near the Recycle Station so you can duck into the Safe Zone if needed. When engaging the Fanatic Tank, you will want to stay behind it as much as possible because it can only attack you if you are in front of it. It is suggested to use a weapon that has auto-aim so you can focus on staying behind the Fanatic Tank and avoiding its missiles. Chances are, the Fanatic Tank will launch several volleys of its missiles before you manage to kill it. Both Energy Nova and the Nuke Launcher can be used effectively to clear out the missiles.

Recommended equipment


Using the Mine Launcher was a very popular tactic for taking down the Fanatic Tank before it gained resistances. It is no longer easy for lower level players to kill the Fanatic Tank with mines because your mines need to do 21,000 damage per mine only with kinetic damage artifacts. This is just enough damage to kill a tank without an Aura boosting its health.

To mine the Fanatic Tank, you need to stop exactly on the tank's path. The best way to do this is to closely follow the Fanatic Tank until it is just outside of the main system. You want to stop in an area where a random mob will not wander into your pile of mines. Now all you need use your overload ability and lay your mines. You want to keep your mines in a tight cluster on the Tank's path. Since mines will self-detonate after two minutes, you will need to keep laying mines until the Fanatic Tank returns to run into them.

When using this tactic, you do not need any resistances or extra health and shield since the Fanatic Tank will die before taking a shot.

Recommended equipment

Stacking dot and dodging

This strategy can work even at lvl 40 (the lvl that you unlock the fanatic tank mission) if you got 90% energy and kinetic resist along with tons shield (10k is the minimum. First go to Glitchan and farm spies especially gold ones if you can handle to farm arts (for low lvls) or go to durian (55 lvl or higher) and farm some renegades if you got infested missles and full resists. Then go to vibrillian s recycle station and start searching left and right if tank appears. Follow him until it go out of the system. Then fire acid blaster (recommended lvl 6) and make him to turn arround you. More missles means bigger danger because they exist arround a minute instead. Use hardened shield to avoid it s strong attacks or it will kill you. When it dies, it will got 1-2 nukes deployed so be sure to use hardened shield to reduce their damage to 1.


  px Artifact 3 or more
  px Core Charge   
  px Fusion Core   
  px Engine Part   
  px Gold Crate   

How to find the Fanatic Tank

Dragnet method: The majority of the time the Fanatic tanks orbit is the one that takes it past the recycle station labelled 1 on below picture. You have to use your radar and watch for a fast moving red dot on its own. If you set a timer and wait 4.5 minutes and you haven't seen him more then likely he is in a different orbit. Move to location labelled 2. Repeat the 4.5 minute wait. And if you haven't seen him move to location 3 and repeat the 4.5 minute wait. If you haven't seen him by this stage he is more then likely a speed Fanatic Tank and you have missed him.

Seek and find method: Use a explorer or a Vindicator to cover the area of the general orbits. Watch your radar for a red dot.

Single location: Since the image above showing the 3 main orbits of the Fanatic Tank some have used a location where the 3 main orbits overlap. Co-ordinates: (258???,-137??? or 250???,-150??? or 300???,-125??? or 300???, 140??? or 300???, 125???) (perhaps if you use this method you could check/change/add them please)

There is another untested method that TheCen seems to have discovered, go to Vibrilian Clan Instance and then go to the Recycle Station. Refresh your browser and then when you have came back online go to the right of Recycle right next to recycle itself, and zoom out and wait. It is supposed to pass by and since you are zoomed out it should show up on your screen.

How to find the Fanatic Tank.png

Spawn Location

Fanatic Tank spawns near (266, 33)
Respawn time, 2 minutes.


The timed mission is called "Fanatic Tank Wars!" It gives xp and Advanced data chips.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 18,152xp to players who defeat it for the first time.