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Flux is a currency that can:

  • Buy premium items such as new Ships, boosters, and weapon upgrades.
  • Instantly complete Crew Training.
  • Instantly complete artifact upgrading.
  • Magically instantly complete planet missions!
  • Skip timed missions that you don't want to complete (Cost: 5 flux)
  • Reset your upgrades. (currently costs 200 flux, but the FIRST reset is FREE!)
  • Buy warp paths!
  • Teleport to your friends! (Cost: 3 Flux per teleport, if you are both within the same system)
  • If you die, teleport to the location you were at when you died! (Cost: 3 Flux per teleport)
  • Paint your ship. (Cost: 250 flux)
  • Change your name. (Cost: 100 flux)
  • Buy Pods. (Cost: 45 flux for 1; 450 for 10)

Flux can be obtained by:

  • Purchasing (PayPal, mobile phone, game cards, debit card, credit card) (Easiest)
  • Opening pods
  • Completing missions (Easy)
  • Discovering Planets (Easy Hard)
  • Signing in daily (Easy)
  • "Liking" the game on Facebook (works ONCE per account; worth 100 Flux)


To purchase flux from within the game:

Click the Flux.pngFlux icon (Looks like an "A")


Click the Flux Shop.png(+)icon


Type "V" on your keyboard / keypad / IME / Syncopated Brain Wave Converter


If you are taken to the "Flux Shop":

Then you can click the packages, or other smaller items;

You can also click the "Get more" button to buy Flux, in various amounts.

If you are NOT in the "Flux Shop",

then you are in the "Get more" window,

where you can click one of the Flux amounts to buy.

The lowest amount of Flux for purchase here is 500;


there is a trick to purchasing only 300 Flux:

Click the "Get flux now" button;

A small window will come up, saying something like:

"Click me when transaction is finished."

It can take up to 48 hours for free flux to appear." Purchasing Flux 1.png

Don't click "OK" just yet.

If you did, then it just means that you will have to refresh the game after you are finished buying flux.

("refresh" means "exit the game, then restart the game.")

Anyways, another tab will open on your browser.

If you don't have a browser open,

then Astroflux will try opening Google Chrome, or Firefox, or Opera, or Internet Explorer, or Netscape, or Comodo Dragon, or whatever your default browser is.

The tab will take you to a SuperRewards page that says BUY FLUX

You should see a list that says something like "$5.00 = 500SuperRewards Currency.png"

If you are not American, then the symbol might not be a "$" U.S. dollar symbol.

Click this list.

Now, select "$3.00 = 300".SuperRewards Currency.png

Click the PayPal button, or the Creditcard button, or the Mobile button, or the Prepaid button, or the Bank button, or the Digital button.

You may be taken to a secure page, where you fill in your info.

When you are done,

you should probably save a screenshot of your purchase, in case anything goes wrong.

Close the tab.

Go back to the game.

Click "OK" on the small window.

If you already clicked "OK" before making your purchase, then no worries.

Just exit the game, then restart it.

If you don't have your flux,

then go to the forum here,

and provide your screenshot.

The game's developers are very active in this forum.

Providing a screenshot on the forum:

To provide a screenshot on the forum:

Sign up for an account on the forum.

When you make a NEW TOPIC,

then click "Upload attachment".
(This should appear under your message)

click "Browse".

Select your image file.

Click "Add the file".

Click "Place inline".

You should see
"[attachment=0]MyImage.png[/attachment]" appear within your message.

Click submit, when you are finished with your message;

your image should appear on the forum.

You can also try uploading your image on Photobucket, or another image-hosting site, and providing either the

"[IMG]" link on the forum, or the direct link to your image.

The IMG and DIRECT links are on the image-hosting site.

You copy them, then paste them on the forum.

Problems with purchase

To avoid problems with your purchase:

I recommend making a screenshot, maybe even a video, of your purchase/transaction.

If you did not get the flux that you purchased,

then visit the appropriate forum section here:

Problems with Flux purchase

If you are looking for instructions on buying flux,

then you can look at the section above,

where I provide an example of buying 300 Flux.

If you are NOT buying 300 Flux,

then simply click the 500 Flux option, or any of the other Flux options.

You should be taken to another tab on your browser,

where you fill in your info.


If you buy 1,000 or more Flux, then you get a free-flux bonus with your purchase.

The bigger the bundle, the more flux you get as a bonus upon purchasing. This applies to purchases of 1,000 or more Flux.

This bonus works only on a per-flux purchase,

meaning that if you buy 500 Flux two times,

then you DO NOT get the extra flux bonus;

if you want the free-flux bonus, then you need to select the 1,000 Flux option instead.


Sometimes, there will be a Flux sale,

meaning that you get 50% MORE flux for the usual cost.

These sales are usually announced in the forum,

in the "News and Announcements" section