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What ship should I get? (I'm new, Levels 1-80)

The best choice for a first ship can be difficult to answer. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you are just starting out, there are a few good ships that you should consider saving up for:

Ship Cost Reason
Prophecy.png Prophecy 1500 This ship has better stats then the starter ship stats, but it has almost no ship specialties. It's also overpriced, at 1500 flux. It will only last you to mid game. The ship comes with a very decent weapon Hell Fire and the ship itself can get more health and armor than the famous Nexar ship Nexar Vindicator, though only with really good artefacts. The ship also has a 50% energy damage bonus, only 10% less than the Nexar Vindicator. Need something strong and made to last? Don't pick this.
NeutronX.png Neutron X 850 This is an excellent choice if you are new to AstroFlux. Its built in weapon, the Particle Gun, is powerful and has 360 degree auto-aim so it is very easy to use. This ship is good in both PVP and PVE settings. (Note: This ship can also be bought as part of the Beginner Package. This package costs $5 US and comes with 500 flux and three days of tractor beam as well as the Neutron X).
Eagle Eye.png Eagle Eye 1000 This ship is well suited for PvE play. The Eagle Eye has the 2nd highest overall stats in AstroFlux. It is fast and has high shield regeneration, although its shield and health is worse than most of the other ships in its price range. However, it’s extremely high shield Regen can compensate for that. Its built in weapon, the Eagle Needle, is very useful as it does very high damage and one of the only guided shot weapons that can’t be detonated by an Energy Nova. It’s also useful for its high shield leech. This ship is definitely worth buying and will serve you well throughout the star systems.
Scartrow.png Scartrow 1200 An okay ship, it is slightly over priced, though its weapon, Astro Lance, is very powerful. The Astro Lance weapon is very hard to master, and requires a lot of skill . It has good base health, with great armor. This ship will last you until you can buy an end game ship, if you are skilled with its weapon.
Skull.png Skeletor 800 This ship comes with one of the best PvP weapons, Skeletor Lightning, which does minimal damage on contact but has extremely high DoT. The ship works well in PvP AND PvE. It's main weapons is one of the best weapons to use in the final system, Vorsran. Combined with other corrosive weapons, the Skeletor will last you until you can buy an end game ship.
What ship should I get? (I'm level 80+)

Well the answer all depends on what quality arts you have, have a look at some of the most popular ships among experienced players and what is good and bad about them:

Ship Cost Reason
Golden Heart.png Golden Heart 5000 A good ship with good specialties, weapons, and stats, it is a good end game ship. Pairs extremely well with Prismatic Crystals from the Crystal ship. It has been highly used since RoF (Rate of Fire) was nerfed.
Nexar Shadow Nexar Shadow 5600 One of the most popular ships after Vorsan was released, with a price tag of 5,600 flux it is an expensive ship, but the 150% damage bonuses to kinetic and energy damage is great for PvP and ok for PvE. Has a -20% Power Regen penalty, but comes with 100% more Power to compensate. A very strong ship with strong weapons, such as Shadow Bomb, Cloaking Device, and Shadow Blaster. The ship requires good arts to be effective.
Nexar Explorer.png Nexar Blade (Ship) 3800 Great ship for energy/kinetic users. Its weapon the Kinetic Phase Blade is one of the strongest weapons in-game, capable of destroying any enemy. The ship is great for PvE due to it's high health which can be converted to higher shields, and immense focusing damage on it's main weapon. Currently one of the most sought after ship. For 3800 the ship is well worth its flux price. The drawback is it has a -40% Power Regen penalty, hard to use with power hungry weapons. It is good for PvP also.
Nexar Elite Vindicator.png Nexar Vindicator 5600 Good ship for corrosive users, a 60% Corrosive and Energy bonus, along with a 30% Increased Attack Speed bonus makes it great for Energy and Corrosive users. Its high health mixed with the decent shield regen makes it great for a shield setup. The ship is sought for its Vindicator Teleportation which allow the user to travel differing distances based on the charge of the weapon. Costing 5,600 flux it was released soon after the release of Vorsran itself. The Nexar Vindicator is one of the best PvP ships in the game, and it is a good ship for PvE in Vorsran.
Military.png Tanker A1 2600 The Tanker is a great survivalist ship, useful for Vorsran, Fulzar, and many other systems when paired with Skeletor Lightning and flat corrosive artifacts. The ship itself has some of the best survival stats in the game, allowing for insane amounts of shield or hp. It is well worth the 2600 flux and comes with 10% more power and 20% less cooldown. The only downside is its -20% speed, due to its massive size, but a Teleportation Device can compensate. It also comes with the Concussion Sphere weapon. However, if you are looking for a high direct damage ship, choose one of the other ships instead. The Tanker A1 when used with the correct artifacts and weapons is the best ship for Vorsran.
Will you refund this ship I don't like so I can buy another?

No. If the developers allowed this they'd be giving you your next ship for free. This is not a very good idea if you're running a business. Ship sales are probably the biggest part of income from Astroflux; it doesn't make any sense to give them away for free. So once you buy a ship, you're stuck with it forever. If you want another one, you'll have to find some more flux somewhere. This is why it's a good reason to ask more experienced players what ship is best for your playing style, otherwise you might be stuck with it for a long time.

What weapon should I upgrade as a beginner player?

There are a lot of weapons in AstroFlux and it can get overwhelming to figure out which one to upgrade. You should note that weapons can deal different types of damage; it is best to use only one type of damage so that you can improve all of your weapons with a single type of artifact. Here are a few recommendations for starter weapons:

Weapon Reason
Acid Blaster.png Acid Blaster This is a great long range stacking weapon , it is very useful for taking out enemies that you can't get close range with and take out enemies with lots of health like the Renegade Tanker. Best used with corrosive flat. Very good in early-game (levels to 1-70).
Lightning Gun.png Lightning Gun This is a great weapon in the early game. Its auto-aim, chain AoE, and low power draw make this the ideal weapon in the beginning systems. The Lightning Gun should last until around level 30.
Plasma Gun.png Plasma Gun This short range weapon does a ton of damage and has a stacking DoT (Damage over time). It is very effective against other players and enemies with high health or shield, though it consumes power somewhat quickly. The mechanics for the projectiles are also different, and it may take a lot of practice to use effectively.
Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun The Gatling Gun is a strong kinetic damage weapon. You can find it by killing the Elite Gunners in Arrenius. This weapon is best to use with kinetic flat. This gun is very strong at close range; the further the target, the less damage it will do, because some of the projectiles will miss. This weapon is heavily countered by any enemy with armor.
Nuke Launcher.png Nuke Launcher The Nuke Launcher can be found at the Weapon Factory in Arrenius. It has a huge AoE (Area of Effect) and a small amount of DoT. It has two damage types, Kinetic and Energy. It's useful for dealing with large amounts of enemies or multi-part Bosses such as Rotator and Mandrom. And later on Nuke Launcher is a good corrosive resistance debuffer, with the correct Elite Tech
Skeletor Lightning.png Skeletor Lightning This is one of the strongest weapons at low and high levels alike due to its strong stacking damage over time and chain AoE. Good for both PvP and wearing down enemies of all levels in PvE with its stacking DoT, this is a weapon to aim for if you decide to use a corrosive setup. It is a ship only weapon, so you may have to buy Skeletor to get it.
Particle Gun.png Particle Gun A very easy to use weapon with high rate of fire and a decent range and damage per hit. This weapon one of the most used weapons early on due to is 360-degree auto-aiming making it a useful weapon in PvE and PvP with flat damage artifacts and/or high attack speed. It is a ship only weapon, so you may have to buy Neutron X to get it.
What weapon should I upgrade as a more experienced player?

You have been playing for a while. What gun do you try and get?

Weapon Reason
Nexar Light Wave Generator.png Nexar Light Wave Generator One of the most used PvE weapons due to its ability to easily kill large bosses. It's a very strong weapon capable of destroying most enemies easily. Works in great tandem with Void Tentacles. A pure energy damage weapon, capable of reaching millions of damage per second.
Golden Ram Missiles SE-24.png Ram Missiles X-22 A 5% drop from the Mysterious Wanderer in Vorsran. Deals kinetic damage with guided, piercing projectiles which reduce armor and cannot be destroyed except by the ship specific weaponsPlasma Flares, and the ship specific weapon Flame Spawns.
Hell Flames.png Hell Flames A great weapon in PvP due to its insane burn DoT, which can reach hundreds of thousands of damage per tick in seconds. Works great when combined with Vindicator Teleportation. Can only be gotten from pods.
Electro Field.png Electro Field A great energy weapon in both PvE and PvP as it can deal massive damage to anything in its center. Good for killing multi-part bosses like The Cleaner and Executor. Works great in PvP when combined with Vindicator Teleportation. Can only be gotten from pods.
Prismatic Crystal.png Prismatic Crystal Amazing weapon after the devs buffed it, capable of reaching 200K DPS, and its stacking dot can pack a punch after that. This weapon is seen commonly on the Golden Heart due the Golden Heart's boost to all damage types, and high attack speed can be achieved very easily for high level players.
Cloaking Device.png Cloaking Device Cloak, such a useful weapon allowing you to fly with relative ease in all systems.It is quite useful to escape a battle or scout the area without being blasting by enemies. Very useful for travel in Vorsran. Only 2 ships, Assassin-T29, and Nexar Shadow have the Cloaking Device.
Kinetic Phase Blade.png Kinetic Phase Blade Kinetic Phase Blade (KPB) is a ship-specific weapon that cannot be transferred. Installed on the Nexar Blade (Ship), it is one of the most used weapons due to its high damage coupled with the Blade's decent survival stats. It deals kinetic AND energy damage so using Infested Missiles and/or Void Tentacles is highly recommended.
Shadow Flames.png Shadow Flames This weapon is not as used as it was before Vorsran was released, but it still does pack quite a punch for an energy weapon, second only to the undisputed Nexar Light Wave Generator. If you can't get your hands on the Light Wave Generator or any other strong damage energy weapons you should start looking for this weapon as it will never disappoint you, except when you want a long range weapon.
Plasma Gun.png Plasma Gun This short range weapon does a ton of damage and has a stacking DoT (Damage over time). It is very effective against other players and enemies with high health or shield, though it consumes power somewhat quickly. Even at high levels, it can still be effective for killing enemies like the Nezerian Regius Exterminatore.
Skeletor Lightning.png Skeletor Lightning This is one of the strongest corrosive weapons in the game. It is very useful for both PvP and killing enemies in PvE such as Admiral Zhersis, as it can stack extreme amounts of DoT in seconds with the right artifacts.
What are troons?

Troons are points used for clan ranking and individual bonuses. Every 200,000 Troons that you obtain, you gain a temporary bonus equal to that of a level up. Troons reset every month, so at the start of a month you will once again be at 0 troons and will have to gather more. To find out how many individual troons you have, press the x key (Which brings up the ship menu) and look in the top right corner of the popup. Next to a trophy with an A on it, there should be a number. This is the number of personal troons you have.

If your earn enough, you can use them to buy the following weapons in Cynapsian:

Blood-Claw S28.png Blood-Claw S28 for 85,000 Troons. Great for debuffing healing
Spore 83-X Smart Gun.png Spore 83-X Smart Gun for 150,000 Troons. Great for debuffing corrosive resistance
X27-S Smart Gun.png X27-S Smart Gun for 350,000 Troons. Great for debuffing shield regen, and great for doing direct damage at medium range.
How do I (a) Join a clan (b) Participate in Planet Wars?

The question is asked by many starters. Follow the steps below to participate in Planet wars.

1. First you must join or make a clan. To do this, press "B" (you can also look at the lower left side of the screen, next to the minimap. Amongst the string of buttons is a button that currently says "0/M". This is the clan button) and search for a clan. Note that the search feature is case-sensitive; you must search for the exact name of a clan. You send your application, and if the clan wants you, they will accept you. To finish the process of being accepted, search for their clan again and accept their invitation. You can also make your own clan by spending 200 flux.

2. When you are in a clan, to participate in planet wars, you must firstly be in a hostile area, not friendly. Then press "M", look at a planet, and see if its name is written in green; if it is, it is available. (If you hover your mouse over an unavailable planet on the map, you will see how much longer until the planet is open). If the planet is available for takeover, land on the planet and you will capture it.


Where do I get additional crew?

You can hire additional crew members from a cantina. You can find cantinas in Kapello, Durian, Arrenius and Vibrilian. Each crew member costs 100 flux. Check this forum post for advice on your crew, crew are important to get much better in the game!!!DMAT's Crew Guide

How high should crew skills be?

To explore planets, your crew won't need more than 430 skill points in Survival, Diplomacy and Combat. For the best chance of a multi-level upgrade when Upgrading Artifacts your crew member should have 500 skill points in Survival, Diplomacy and Combat.

Why isn't Hyperion fully explored?

There is a small planet, Asteroid L34, that is located far away from center of the system. It is located at map coordinates 1200, 750.

What are Pods?

Pods are supply packages that contains a random item from the game. A pod can contain a common resource or one of rarest items in the game. There are also a few items that are only possible to get from pods. Ex.

Can I get flux without buying it?

Yes. You can earn flux by:

  • landing on a planet for the first time
  • completely exploring a planet
  • completing missions
  • logging on every day for your "daily flux reward"
  • Via Pods

For Example:
Mission flux.png

What is the best place to get a specific artifact, like an Omni Dampener?

Artifact drops are completely random. Neither the type of enemy nor its aura affect the kind of artifact that is dropped. If you are looking for a specific artifact, you'll to look for a high level enemy and just grind for it. Though Exceptional and Superior artifacts can only come from enemies above level 50.

Where can I get the best artifacts?

The best artifacts drop from the highest level enemies. These are the enemies that currently drop the highest level artifacts. Note that if you are in a PvP system, any artifacts that drop will be 5 levels higher than normal, thus it is highly recommended to farm for artifacts in PvP systems. Also, note that enemies with Auras drop higher level artifacts.

Enemy Level of Artifact Dropped
Cleaner.png The Cleaner Level 82 artifacts
Advectorian mini.png Advectorian Level 76 artifacts
???.png ??? Level 125 artifacts
Nezerian Dreadnought.png Nezerian Dreadnought Level 82 artifacts
Military.png Renegade Tanker Level 78 artifacts
Crystal.png Renegade Crystal Level 76 artifacts
Executor.png Executor Level 110 artifacts
Aureus Judicator.png Aureus Judicator Level 94 artifacts
Nezerian Regius Exterminatore.png Nezerian Regius Exterminatore Level 100 artifacts
Aureus Sidus.png Aureus Sidus Level 90 artifacts
Nexar Elite Explorer.png Nexar Commander Level 110 artifacts
Nexar Elite Explorer.png Nexar Elite Blade Level 124 artifacts
Nexar Elite Edge.png Nexar Elite Edge Level 122 artifacts
Nexar Elite Phaser.png Nexar Elite Phaser Level 120 artifacts
Nexar Elite Shadow.png Nexar Elite Shadow Level 129 artifacts
Nexar Elite Vindicator.png Nexar Elite Vindicator Level 126 artifacts
Mysterious Wanderer.png Mysterious Wanderer Level 120 artifacts
Nexar Elite Shadow.png Admiral Zhersis Level 145 artifacts
How is damage calculated?

See Damage Calculation for Resistance, Debuffed Resistance, Shield, and Armor.

Where should I farm steel?

You will quickly find that steel is always in short supply. There are a lot of good ways to gain steel, like participating in a PvP match. Sometimes, however you just need to find a spot to grind enemies. Here are some good spots/enemies to do that:

Up to Level 20
Level 20+
  • Renegade Dmat-90 if you can farm them, good arts and recycling those arts can yield a lot of steel.
Level 40+
Level 60+
Level 75+
Level 100+

Where should I farm hydrogen crystals?

Most players find themselves short of hydrogen crystals when trying to open up Sarkinon. Here are some good spots to farm hydrogen crystals:

For higher levels:

Where should I farm Plasma Fluids?
Where should I farm Iridium?

People find Iridium in short supply as they start to max out most of their weapon Elite Techs or try to open systems past Vibrilian. Here are some farming spots:

Where should I farm Advanced Data Chips?

Advanced Data Chips are a common drop from most end game enemies. Killing Nexar Vanguards is the most common ways to get these.

Where can I find Polyhedric Fabric or Hydrogen Oscillators for a mission?

Both of the materials can be looted from dead chunks of the Aureus army in Fulzar. While players can easily get Polyhedric Fabric from any of the Aureus at the outer orbit, Hydrogen Oscillators can only be acquired from the elite units of the Aureus such as the Aureus Sidus or the Aureus Judicator. All Aureus Projections drop them too. If you need the materials fast for a mission, you can consider borrowing material from the players with the Supporter Package as they usually keep lots of different kinds of materials due to their cargo protection. Another method to get Hydrogen Oscillators is by killing Aureus Shapes as they usually drop 1-3. It's relatively easy to kill the ones that the Executor spawns; all you have to do is lure some shapes away and kill the ones you can.

Can someone help me clear Honarion (Durian elite planet)?

If you ask nicely on global a kind player might decide to help you, but remember: most high levels did this on their own by growing slowly, so you can too! There are some clans that try to help their members out with farming, you can try to join those.

Can someone help me get Nexar Light Wave Generator, Void Tentacles, Nexar Bomb or Shadowflames?

If you ask nicely, players will lend a hand. But remember, the drop rate is low, and players, regardless of their level, aren't miracle workers, so don't expect to get it just because they're there! (*psst!* Please and Thank-you go a long way to getting help!)

How do I move my account from Kongregate, Armor Games or Facebook to

You can't. Part of the agreement that allows AstroFlux to be hosted on these game portal sites prevents Fula Fisken from adding this kind of functionality. Transferring an account to a different site would be viewed as stealing a user. If you really want to change the portal you use to play AstroFlux from, you have to start a new account.

What is the "Sun Gun"?

The Sun Gun is a troll that people used to trick people into flying into the sun, killing themselves. They told them they will get this Godly Gun if they go into X sun. That was unreasonable, so today people say to go to some random location or do some tedious task. Whenever this is brought up this is either troll or a joke.

How do I make a suggestion to the game developers?

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the game that you'd like to share, please post to the AstroFlux Forum.

How do I report a bug?

Please report any bugs to the AstroFlux Forum.

If I save up 10 Pods, am I guaranteed get a rare one?

No. You are only guaranteed to get a rare Pod if you buy 10.

Why can't I use Mine Launcher or Death Cloud?

You don't have enough power. You would need at least 120+ power to fire the weapons. You can also add some RoF to reduce the power cost.