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Welcome to the Helpful guide!

If you are new to the game, and want a general guide, this is the place to come for reliable and helpful assistance. Also see the Beginners Guide.

Upgrade Guide

Firstly, save your flux, and spend the 200 steel or whatever is required to buy the first upgrade instead. Flux can be used to buy a neat ship later on if you save it.

Secondly, save your resources, and when you reach level 3, send a global message asking for assistance taking down a boss called Tefat. This boss will drop a red crate, the Lightning Gun.

Pick up the lightning gun and upgrade it as much as you can. This gun allows you to target 3 enemies at once, and 5 at a higher level!

When you have upgraded fully your lightning gun, slowly do the first upgrades on your ship's systems. this will allow you to have some special system boost options.


In Astroflux, there are raw materials and refined materials. They are as follows:

Metal Scraps - Refines into Steel : This is the main resource of the game, and can be found everywhere. Many players first head to Durian ASAP. This is a very good spot to farm Steel.

Hydrogen Spills - Refines into Hydrogen Crystals : Found in Durian very easily, and while not being a major currency, it is needed to buy some maps, and level 4 upgrades.

Toxic Waste - Refines into Plasma Fluids. This is used for level 5 upgrades, and certain maps. Farmed in Kritillian, Hozar and Zergilin easily.

Radiated Junk - Refines into Iridium. This is one of the least used resources. Yet, it is used for important upgrades, buy maps and later, purchase Elite Tech. Farmed in Kritillian, Hozar and Zergilin easily.

Flux, Flux, and more Flux!

As will be discussed more in the following Subheading, Flux is very important. It is the game currency used to purchase ships, and can also be used for upgrades and the like. This being said, it is much better to farm steel, and other resources, than to buy it with flux. Flux can be earned by doing missions, landing on planets for the first time, completely exploring planets, and leveling up to some levels. Flux can also be obtained by logging in every day. The rewards you get for logging in increase if you consistantly log in. See Flux for more info.

Buying your first ship

Buying a ship that is right for you is a lengthy process that requires you to understand the workings of weapons and the types of damages. You have probably already discovered that there are three types of damages.

Kinetic, Energy, & Corrosive

Clicking the damage types listed above will tell you a little more about them.

Now comes the tricky bit... What ship do I get???

Well, fear no more, this little guide, based on my observations over a long period of time, will hopefully put your spinning mind at ease.

To start with, don't buy any ship below 600 flux if you want a quality ship with heaps of stats.

Let's begin with the:

Sail Fish (600 Flux): This ship, valued at 600 flux is a good mediocre ship. It has reasonable abilities, and survives well. It, like all bought ships, comes with a special weapon. Its special weapon spawns space fishies, which attack a target automatically after being spawned. When a target is destroyed they move on to the next one. They keep doing so until the disappear. This special weapon also leeches life, making it good for boosting up your health and your shields. This ship comes with a 10% Corrosive damage booster, and a 20 Kinetic damage booster along with a seemingly pathetic 1.0% increase in fire rate. The major flaw to this ship is the fact that its special weapon can be destroyed with a level 0 Energy Nova, rendering the weapon useless in PvP matches if the enemy player has Nova. If you want a ship that is a good rounder then this is your ship... I give it a 6/10. But WAIT!!! There's more!

Agent B1 (700 Flux): A little ugly, yet it makes up with firepower with what it lacks in the beauty department! The Agent B1 is also a fine ship with reasonable stats, the first ship with a slight increase in speed... making a lot of difference in later levels! Its special weapon is a reasonably powerful one, relying much on the skill of the users. The ship launches a cluster of C4, which can be detonated when the player decides to. I have many times seen the power of this gun destroy other ships as well as mine with little effort. If you are not coordinated whatsoever, the gun may be a little difficult to master. Nothing I will say against it, except for the fact that its Armor is quite low. I give it about an 8/10

Explorer (750 Flux): This is going to be short, sweet, and to the point... If you want to drive the space Maserati, then this is your ship, it only lacks Subs. This ship flies past everything superduper fast making it an excellent ship to do long journeys with, and can be recommend if you happen to have the flux floating around. But the Power regen is pathetic! If you actually want to shoot things, this is not a ship you want. Its power regen is so slow, you can go make a coffee while you are waiting for your power to recharge, leaving the ship vulnerable, and a waste of time in PvP arenas. Another problem is that it has no special weapon... Lame. I rate this ship, for uses other than travelling, 2/10, a ship that is a waste of flux from my POV.

Skeletor (800 Flux): How many times have you been shooting everything down like a boss, only to be pulled back by the lack of power? *Puts hand up* Well! The solution to all your problems lies in this ship :D. I refer to this ship's special gun as the 'cheaty gun' for a reason. The special weapon is one that does Corrosive damage. Unlike the Lightning gun available from Tefat, this lightning prefers to do its damage over time... unfortunately for everyone without this ship, the corrosive lightning doesn't need any power at all to stack up its incredibly high damage. This is an advantage if you like using weapons that don't require much power to work, as you can shoot these guns and still be in a position to defend yourself! This being praised and highly recommended, the ship is very weak, not as weak as some, but its stats aren't super high. I rate this ship about 8/10 as well.

Neutron X (850 Flux), or comes with the $5 supporter package along with flux): This is a fun ship, I would enjoy owning one of these one day. Its special weapon automatically aims at the closest ship, and peppers it with a weapon similar to the blaster. The weapon, while not doing major damage, can be used effectively with other weapons to make it more powerful. It has an additional bonus of having 10% plus to both Kinetic and corrosive weapons. A major plus. In terms of surviving, it's not bad. Not 100% good, but good. I rate this ship a 7/10.

Eagle Eye (1000 Flux): The most popular ship in the astroflux universe. Sought after due to its high shield regeneration, allowing the player to heal himself easily. At higher levels, attaining shield regen levels close to 800 is an easy goal with this ship. But the buyer is to be cautioned. Don't buy this ship for its special weapon. Talk to any higher level, and they will tell you that it is a waste of time to upgrade. It also has a 10% plus energy damage booster, and a 5% speed increase. Handy. This ship I rate a 9/10, a ship I would recommend to all players as a first ship, and it is well within saving limits.

Scartrow (1200 Flux): A highly health padded ship, good for PvP battles, which also has a weapon similar to the C-4 on Agent B1, exept the weapon does DoT (damage over time) and can hit many targets at once. This seems to be the least popular ship in the game, yet it is a decent ship, and if you are in the position to afford it, it is quite an effective ship. This ship I rate 8/10.

Our continuing mission...

To destroy heaps of ships :D!

But seriously.

The mission after this is to buy maps, mine resources, get weapons, do ground missions, find artifacts, and play in pvp maps with others of the same rank... but watch out though...

Getting resources

You get to the stage very fast where you have to chase down more cash, but are uncertain how to proceed. Well... here is a solution to all your problems. First of all, you will probably want to get to Durian ASAP! Durian offers abundant resources, and plenty of reasonably easy enemies. The best technique, if you're strong enough, is to round them into a group and shoot them all together so that the cash drops in a big awesome pile.

To find the Max cash real fast, travel to Hostile Durian, but beware of pirates!

After you get kritillian, get it and then get Hozar. Farming Drak is one of the fastest ways to get steel.

Don't be a loner!

Join one of the Clans, Join a group and make some friends!!!

A clan doesn't give much, but it is a simple group comparison. You don't have to join one...

The advantage of joining a group is that heaps of people can help you kill something, but everyone gets XP! It sucks when you have helped kill something, and you get no XP! So group up!

When you have a friend, you can track them down across all the different systems allowing you to find them real fast! Having friends is good! You can ask them for help... !