Huge Mysterious Chest

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Huge Mysterious Chest.png

Huge Mysterious Chest
General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inFulzar
Damage TypeN/A
Shield Regen0
Health Regen0
Corrosive ResistUnknown
Energy ResistUnknown
Kinetic ResistUnknown


"It has so much health! What could possibly manufacture these???"


The Huge Mysterious Chest is an event enemy which takes place in Fulzar. It appears on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. Due to some pressure from players about it being unfair, the devs have decided to drop the chest event for the time being. It is unlikely that the event will be revived.


Stacking damage with a DoT weapon is preferable due to its high health. Plasma Gun is a good choice with max rate of fire Artifacts equipped. Clearing a path in front of it is advisable so that other enemies do not damage the players shooting the chest. It's good to have at least 1 clearer killing Spawners and enemies ahead of the chest's path.


  px Artifact   
  px Gold Crate   
  px Acid Spore   
  px Algae Nova Gland   
  px Aureus Corrosive Manipulator   
  px Aureus Drone Controller   
  px Aureus Energy Manipulator   
  px Aureus Kinetic Manipulator   
  px C-4   
  px Chrono Beam   
  px Concussion Sphere   
  px Corrosive Teeth   
  px Eagle Needle   
  px Flame Trail   
  px Hell Fire   
  px Hunter-killer Launcher   
  px Infested Missiles   
  px Locust Hatchery   
  px M2 Launcher   
  px Moth Zero Gland   
  px Particle Gun   
  px Plankton Siphon Gland   
  px Plasma Blaster   
  px Plasma Torpedos   
  px Prismatic Crystal   
  px Railgun   
  px Razor   
  px Repair-Nanobot Spray   
  px Skeletor Lightning   
  px Void Tentacles   
  px X-42 Constructor   
  px X-73 Constructor   


Spawns north east of the Nezerian Sun in Fulzar every quarter hour. (Real time).


  • Has entered Fulzar 3 times so far. (Halloween 2014, Christmas/New year 2014/5, Easter 2015)
  • Normally "camped" by high levels
  • Similar chest in Arrenius.
  • Was removed


It gives no encounter