Immature Moth Queen

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This article  is about Enemies.
Immature Moth Queen

Blue System.png

Enemy Moth Queen.png

Found In
Arrenius (Antor)
Moth Queen Spit Gland
Damage Type(s)
Corrosive + Kinetic
Big Metal Scrap.png Hydrogen Spill.png Bug Leg.png
Special Drop(s)
Enemy Type
Health Shield
128,000 0
Health Regen Shield Regen
100 0
Armor Kamikaze
0 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


While like a mini version of the Moth Queen in Zergilin, she is just as deadly to the unsuspecting pilots of Arrenius. She spawns with a swarm of minions that rip through the mobs of Arrenius with unconstrained fury. Just look for the empty spaces where spawners are meant to be to see the current progress The Swarm is making. The Immature Moth Queen is a challenge for any unsuspecting low level. She has two main attacks, the Moth Queen Spit Gland and a bite if she gets close.


It is best to engage the Immature Moth Queen at a distance because her melee attack does a lot of damage. Weapons like Particle Gun or Broadside work well at damaging the Immature Moth Queen and picking off her minions at a safe distance. Her ranged Moth Queen Spit Gland attack does a lot of damage and has a nasty DoT effect. The Dot effect can kill low level players AFTER the initial hit. A low level ship cannot withstand the DoT unless they have have multiple corrosive artifacts. It's best to dodge this attack but if you can't, an Energy Nova can destroy the projectile before it hits you. Her bite will also due a large amount of damage, and with no engine upgrades it can hit you more than once.

You'll need to be extra careful at the end when she is low on health. She will start to flash and will explode for a ton of damage if she gets close to you.

Recommended equipment



  px Big Metal Scrap   
  px Hydrogen Spill   
  px Bug Leg   

Spawn Location

The Immature Moth Queen spawns randomly outside the system as part of a Swarm event. Respawn time, 10 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 7000xp to players who defeat it for the first time.