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General Information
DeveloperFula Fisken
PublisherFula Fisken
ReleasedMay 2012
GenreMMORPG Space Simulation
Version 11.81
Website AstroFlux Website

06:36, 31 July 2015 (UTC)

Content Updates


  • Game Update Removal of King of the Zone from star map. Notes (July 3)
  • Death Line Update Several changes to Death Lines and how they work after some community discussion. Update notes
  • Game Update! Several enemies in Fulzar and the Nezerian Dreadnought updated. New ship and several other updates. Update notes
  • Luring/Stealing fix Changes put in place to discourage users from using other factions to kill enemies. Update notes
  • Sprite update Game sprites were updated for Antor system along with new beginner ships. Update notes
  • Vorsran Teaser New sector shown in the Rapir system. Teaser Location