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Mandrom large.png

General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inArrenius
AttackMandrom Turret
Mandrom Rocket
Giant Blade
Lightning Gun
Damage TypeEnergy and Kinetic
Corrosive ResistUnknown
Energy ResistUnknown
Kinetic ResistUnknown


Mandrom is a boss found in Arrenius. It spawns at random locations and follows a path around the edge of the outer orbit when unhindered. Mandrom is a three-phased modular boss, consisting of parts that must be destroyed individually.

Mandrom is made up of the following parts:

Part Stats Attack
Mandrom.png Mandrom Body 8,640 health health Lightning Gun
Mandrom Turret.png Mandrom Turret 600 shield
1,495 health
Mandrom Rocket.png Mandrom Rocket 600 shield
795 health
Missile Launcher
Giant Blade.png Giant Blade 3,400 health 800 Kinetic damage on contact.


Phase One


During the first phase turrets line the outside of the boss, four of which shoot homing missiles. The safest way to do this is to fly circles around Mandrom while using Broadside to destroy the turrets. Some short range weapons, like Lightning Gun are also effective at destroying the turrets. You have to be careful about getting too close to Mandrom because it will shooting lightning at you.

Once all the turrets are destroyed Mandrom will move to phase two so make sure you are not right next to it when you destroy the last turret.

Phase Two


In phase two, Mandrom transforms into a fast moving circular saw. It has 8 Giant Blades that do 800 damage on contact. It is likely that you will be hit by a number of blades if you get too close. You can safely destroy the blades with a long range weapon like Broadside or the Nuke Launcher. Acid Spray is also very effective at destroying the blades. Once all the blades are destroyed, Mandrom moves to phase 3.

Phase Three


In the final stage, Mandrom is similar to Tefat and it will attack you with its Lightning Gun. To safely kill Mandrom in this phase, use a long range weapon like Broadside or the Nuke Launcher. You need to aim for the red circles in the center of the boss.

Recommended equipment

Other Way

- Take out the turrets using Plasma Gun, if you happen to take a good deal of damage, fly away and regen.

- When Mandrom is in blade form, fly away, make sure he is following you. Use a weapon like Acid Spray or Flame Trail to destroy his blades.

- When the blades are gone, use a long ranged weapon to get him, or press Q and charge him, but be careful, at this point, Mandrom will be a little scared and will back away if you get too close. (remember, he still has his lightning).




Mandrom spawns randomly outside the system.
Respawn time 5 minutes


This encounter gives 20,000xp to players who defeat it for the first time.