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Mobs are the primary enemy you'll find in the game. Some mobs are spaceships while others are biological bug-like creatures. Mobs are not affected by the environment in the same way as the player. They can fly though suns, black holes and death lines. When mobs are killed, they drop Space Junk which can be recycled into Resources. This is an alphabetical list of them.

Aureus Monachus.png

Aureus Monachus

Aureus Warrior.png

Aureus Warrior

Aureus Sidus.png

Aureus Sidus

Aureus Sidus Shard.png

Aureus Sidus Shard

Aureus red Orb.png

Aureus Orb

Aureus blue Square.png

Aureus Square

Aureus green Radiant.png

Aureus Radiant

Aureus red Triad.png

Aureus Triad

Enemy beetle baby1.png

Baby Beetle

Enemy moth baby1.png

Baby Moth

Enemy moth ice baby1.png

Baby Ice Moth

Enemy Beamer Red.png


Enemy beetle spikey1.png


Enemy Macrophage Blood.png

Blood Macrophage

Enemy Plankton Blood.png

Blood Plankton

Bionic Larva.png

Bionic Larva

Bionic Macrophage.png

Bionic Macrophage

Bionic Daemon.png

Bionic Daemon

Bionic Plankton.png

Bionic Plankton

Bionic Queen.png

Bionic Queen

Enemy moth black1.png

Black Moth

Enemy Repair Probe Elite.png

Confused Repair Probe

Enemy Daemon.png


Enemy Moth Dire.png

Dire Moth

Enemy Dread Algae.png

Dread Algae

Enemy Moth Dread.png

Dread Moth

Enemy Locust.png

Egg Locust

Enemy The Blob Electro.png

Electro Blob

Enemy Blaster Red.png

Elite Fanatic

Enemy Flamer Red.png

Elite Flamer

Enemy Guardian.png

Elite Guardian

Elite Gunner.png

Elite Gunner

Enemy Launcher Yellow.png

Elite Launcher

Enemy Repair Probe Elite.png

Elite Repair Probe

Enemy Stalker Yellow.png

Elite Stalker

Enemy Triad Yellow.png

Elite Triad

Enemy Moth Evil.png

Evil Moth

Experimental Macrophage.png

Experimental Macrophage

Enemy Blaster Yellow.png


Chrono Ship.png

Fanatic Abraham

Fanatic Purifier.png

Fanatic Purifier

Enemy Moth Fire.png

Fire Moth

Enemy Guardian Red.png


Enemy Moth Ice.png

Ice Moth

Enemy Blaster Infested.png

Infested Fanatic

Enemy Blaster Infested.png

Infested Fanatic Raider

Enemy Jagged Star.png

Jagged Star

Enemy Jagged Star Blood.png

Jagged Star Blood

Enemy Larva.png


Enemy Launcher.png


Enemy Locust.png


Enemy Macrophage Acid.png


Mature Dire Moth.png

Mature Dire Moth

Enemy Moth Mature.png

Mature Moth

Enemy Moth Alpha.png

Moth Alpha

Moth Servus.png

Moth Servus

Nexar Explorer.png

Nexar Blade

Nexar Cluster Bomber.png

Nexar Cluster Bomber

Nexar Elite Explorer.png

Nexar Commander

Nexar Elite Explorer.png

Nexar Elite Blade

Nexar Elite Edge.png

Nexar Elite Edge

Nexar Elite Phaser.png

Nexar Elite Phaser

Nexar Elite Shadow.png

Nexar Elite Shadow

Nexar Elite Vindicator.png

Nexar Elite Vindicator

Nexar Fighter.png

Nexar Fighter

Nexar Projector.png

Nexar Projector

Nexar Repair Probe.png

Nexar Repair Probe

Nexar Skirmisher.png

Nexar Skirmisher

Nexar Stealth Bomber.png

Nexar Stealth Bomber

Nexar Tank.png

Nexar Tank

Nexar Twin.png

Nexar Twin

Nexar Explorer.png

Nexar Vanguard

Enemy Nezerian Cruiser.png

Nezerian Battlecruiser

Enemy Nezerian Cruiser.png

Nezerian Battlecruiser (Fulzar)

Enemy Nezerian Battleship.png

Nezerian Battleship

Enemy Nezerian Destroyer.png

Nezerian Destroyer

Nezerian Praetorian.png

Nezerian Praetorian

Nezerian Fighter.png

Nezerian Fighter

Nezerian Fighter.png

Nezerian Fighter (Fulzar)

Nezerian Fighter.png

Nezerian Invading Fighter

Nezerian Gen-Modified Locust.png

Nezerian Gen-Modified Locust

Enemy Plankton.png



Renegade Fighter


Renegade Inquisitor

Science Vessel.png

Renegade Science Vessel

Enemy Scarab.png


Enemy Seeker Red.png




Enemy Space Squid.png

Space Squid

Enemy Stalker Red.png


Swarming Dire Moth.png

Swarming Dire Moth

Swarming Moth.png

Swarming Moth

Enemy The Blob.png

The Blob

Enemy Thorn Blade.png

Thorn Blade

Enemy Trigun.png


Enemy Triad Red.png


Triad Pirate.png

Triad Pirate

Enemy Vicious Blade.png

Vicious Blade

Enemy Zapper Red.png


Zlatte Red.png