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This subject is from Missions.


This mission chain is mainly comprised of hunting down planets for easy rewards, but for low level players, this can be a challenge and gets easily tedious either way.

Start Location



Step Mission System
1 Go to Barbulos in Vibrilian
2 Go to Fexucius in Sarkinon
3 Go back to Barbulos in Vibrilian
4 Go to Aladivin in Sarkinon
5 Go back to Barbulos in Vibrilian
6 Go to Orgasin Mitrilion
7 Go back to Barbulos in Vibrilian
8 Go to Efedrit Cynapsian
9 Go to Barbulos in Vibrilian
10 Go to Glictan in Zergilin
11 Go to Barbulos in Vibrilian
12 Go to Exretorum in Cynapsian
13 Go to Barbulos in Vibrilian
14 Go to Fexucius in Sarkinon



Part 1

  • Captain, we have found a new lifeform on Barbulos, its a sentient being and we think its trying to communicate with us. Land on Barbulos and figure out a way to understand what it wants.
  • Intelligent Sponge: “bzzarrpp bzaarr zbbzazbbr bzzazaaaaa bzzaaooprp” Crew: “I think we need to visit someone who can translate this into our language. I heard Krux, a linguist, was last seen on Fexucius in Sarkinon where he tries to communicate with an unknown lifeform.”

Part 2

  • Land on Fexucius in Sarkinon and show Krux the recording of the new lifeform.
  • Krux: “Ohh.. you again, or maybe I mistake you for another one. I don’t see many bipedal species nowadays. But you have a very interesting recording I must say, last time I was on Barbulos the sponge was completely silent and it didn’t seem to be sentient at all. Something must have sparked its interest. You need to take me there!”

Part 3

  • Travel back to Barbulos in Vibrilian and let Krux analyze what the intelligent sponge is trying to communicate.
  • Intelligent Sponge: “bzzarrpp bza bzaarr zbbzazbbr bz bzzaza bzzazaaaaa bzzaaooprp bz” Krux: “Hmm.. I’m not sure, but I think it wants to trade, or maybe give you something. Ahh.. it wants to trade Amygdala Ooze for, what I think is an artifact. I heard that the planet Aladivin in Sarkinon is full of those Ooze organisms.”

Part 4

  • Travel to Aladivin in Sarkinon and collect Amygdala Ooze.
  • Crew: “Captain, we have the Ooze secured in our cargo hold. It’s a really juicy organism, I wonder what the sponge wants to do with it.”

Part 5

  • Travel back to Barbulos and give the Ooze to the intelligent sponge.
  • Intelligent Sponge: “bza zz” Intelligent Sponge: *Gulp* Krux: “I think it said something along the lines of, ‘ahhh.. fresh ooze. “ Intelligent Sponge: “zra zap bzzzaaarr bzp” Krux: “It wants another meal, but this time it wants an Ice Giant. I heard they exist on the planet Orgasin in Mitrillion..”

Part 6

  • Kidnap an Ice Giant from Orgasin in Mitrillion.
  • Crew: “This doesn’t seem ethical, are you sure you want to do this?” Krux: “Of course he is, nothing is as important as a communicating sponge bzz!” Crew: “...”

Part 7

  • Hand over the kidnapped Ice Giant to the somewhat evil sponge.
  • Intelligent Sponge: “bza zz zzrrat ttzzz” Intelligent Sponge: *Gulp* Krux: “See, its not truly evil.. now it wants a Nezerian soldier.. This is getting interesting! It promised more artifacts in exchange.”

Part 8

  • Land on Argenon in Cynapsian and kidnap a Nezerian soldier from an enemy fortress .
  • Krux: “You are bzzzt lucky today, we found one outside when he was doing a bzrtzz, gagged and ready to be eaten!” Crew: “This doesn’t seem right...” Krux: “Sponge is the main purpose in life.. I tell you..bzz”

Part 9

  • Hand over the gagged Nezerian soldier to the sponge at Barbulos in Vibrilian.
  • Krux: “bzrtzzz zz zzaz” Intelligent Sponge: “btza zz zzssarrat ttzzaaz” *Gulp* Krux: “artifacts… bz.. yours… bzzztaazz” Crew: “I think we better move out of here, the spores have infected his brain somehow..” Krux: “ztaazz!”

Part 10

  • For fun and possibly a few artifacts, land on Glictan and kidnap a renegade spy!
  • Crew: “You really are crazy about those artifacts. But I guess the renegades deserve it after all..”

Part 11

  • Land on Barbulos and prepare the not so innocent renegede spy to the sponge for dinner.
  • Krux: “bzrt zazz zrtz zza zzaaa” Intelligent Sponge: “bzz tza zz zzssarr at ttzz aatzzzzz” Intelligent Sponge: *Gulp* Krux: “bzzz!”

Part 12

  • For the fireworks, land on Exretorum in Cynapsian and kidnap a dread moth larva!
  • Crew: “Yup, you are indeed crazy! But I’m eager to see how this turns out.”

Part 13

  • Give the nearly-exploding dread moth larva to the sponge for dinner.
  • Intelligent Sponge: “btza zzaa z” Krux: “baa z zz zzartz” Intelligent Sponge: *Gulp* *EXPLOSION* Krux: *shocked* Crew: “Err… I think we just killed the sponge. Krux seem okay though, although somewhat disoriented maybe, we should take him home again.”

Part 14

  • Bring the shocked and the somewhat delirious Krux back to Fexucius in Sarkinon.
  • Krux: “Thank you for taking me home again, I remember everything now, but the sponge controlled every action I took. I think it had a very sophisticated mind, but it was very angry and it was hard to make sense of it all. But I’m glad you helped me get out of there in time, I wasn’t prepare to live the rest of my life as a sponge just yet.“