Nexar Elite Vindicator

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This article  is about Enemies.
Nexar Elite Vindicator

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Nexar Elite Vindicator.png

Found In
Vorsran (Rapir) elite zone
Vindicator Blaster
Vindicator Cluster Missiles
Vindicator Projector
Teleportation Device
Damage Type(s)
Energy + Corrosive
Fusion Core.png Alien Alloy.pngGold Crate.png
Special Drop(s)
Enemy Type
Nexar Miniboss
Health Shield
1,250,000 750,000
Health Regen Shield Regen
10,000 5,000
Armor Kamikaze
25,000 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
Yes N/A
Encounter Exp
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


"The most elite fighters ride the Vindicator."


Fearsome fighters, they are a sufficient challenge for even the worthiest of heroes.


Close range combat here is a must. Nexar Light Wave Generator or Scatter Shell is perfect for this strategy. After depleting the Vindicator's Shield; you must use an armor debuff as it has a high amount of armor (25,000)! Fleeing from the Vindicator is not recommended because it can teleport directly behind you killing you instantly. Its weapons all debuff your energy resistance.

Taking down the Vindicator is easy if you catch him in a spin, keep behind him and keep firing, don't let him get behind or he will kill you. This is the key to killing him, if he is not behind you, he cannot shoot you.


  px Artifact   
  px Gold Crate   
  px Fusion Core   
  px Alien Alloy   

Spawn Location

Any spawner in the inner most 2 rings (elite area) might spawn the Vindicator.


The Nexar Elite Vindicator is one of the only ships in Vorsran that can teleport, only besides the Nexar Projector and the Mysterious Wanderer.

Encounter Experience

9993?? xp