Nezerian Battleship

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Nezerian Battleship

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Enemy Nezerian Battleship.png

Found In
Sarkinon (Gellan)
Cluster Missiles, Plasma Torpedos, Energy Nova
Damage Type(s)
Energy + Kinetic
Big Metal Scrap.pngCore Charge.pngFusion Core.png
Special Drop(s)
Plasma Torpedos.png
Enemy Type
Elite Enemy
Health Shield
428,000 372,000
Health Regen Shield Regen
0 100
Armor Kamikaze
0 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


"Hey! That looks like that big thing we saw in Durian, but this time it seems like it has taken no damage before. This might be tough."


Nezerian Battleships are triangular ships with torpedo launchers jutting out of its sides. It has large amounts of health and shield and can deal lethal amounts of damage using volleys of missiles and torpedoes. They can block Missiles, Pirayas, Mines or locusts with their Energy Nova. Nezerian Battleships look similar to the sections of the Advectorian that house the Advectorian Plasma Turrets, and they both fire torpedoes at a relatively slow rate. However, Battleships do not have Advectorian Plasma Turrets on them, but fire torpedoes themselves.


Nezerian Battleships can be found in Sarkinon Elite, in four places: Surrounding the innermost orbiting spawner, Guarding the planets Argenon and Vlardenon, and fighting for the Advectorian.

Area Level Total Amount Spawning Groups
Innermost Orbiting Spawner 49 2 2
Argenon (Planet) 49 10 5+5
Vlardenon (Planet) 49 8 4+4
Advectorian (Boss) 49 6 1


  px Cruise Missiles   
  px Plasma Torpedos   
  px Energy Nova   

Nezerian Battleships fire a barrage of 5 missiles and 2 plasma torpedoes about every 7-8 seconds. They do incredible amounts of damage at once, but fire slower than the hardened shields ability recharges, as a result players can prevent themselves from taking damage by hardening their shields every time the battleships fire a volley. The missiles fired by the Battleships are easy to avoid as they have terrible homing and can easily be destroyed by Energy Nova shots. Plasma torpedos fired by Battleships travel alongside each other and have a proximity trigger. Both of these attacks are known for doing massive damage.

Level of Enemy Name Shots (per volley) Damage (per shot)
49 Cruise Missiles 5 28296
49 Plasma Torpedos 2 45624


  px Big Metal Scrap   
  px Core Charge   
  px Fusion Core   

Special Drops

  px Plasma Torpedos   


  • Level 40 players may receive Missions to kill 2 of these called Nezerian Takedown
  • These enemies are often called BS because it's faster to type and can often lag, causing unpreventable deaths
  • Battleships resemble the Dominator, but the ships are much smaller, have much more health, and deal more damage
  • Before Honarion, this was the hardest enemy not counting bosses.


  • The encounter gives 3896 of xp.