Omni Dampener

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NameOmni Dampener
PropertiesGives +% All Resistance


"Captain this artifact is not affected by any damage types!"


An Omni Dampener is one of the most commonly used artifacts and is often a need in almost every artifact setup. An omni dampener gives the player x% all resistance. Example: If you get a 45% Omni Dampener you have 45% resistance to every damage type. (This means you take 45% less damage) The maximum resistance you can have is 75%. You can however get a higher omni dampener than 75%. Anything over 75% counts towards debuff. Example: Say you have a 100% kinetic resist and someone debuffs you of 50% kinetic resistance, you now have 50% kinetic resistance even though the maximum resistance that you can have is 75%.

Where can I get an omni dampener?

Every artifact type is completely random! It can drop from any enemy at any time.