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The screen that appears when you open Pods


Pods are a reward package in the Astroflux game. They are given fairly often.

How to get

  • Complete 5, 12, or 20 Daily missions, then get the Complete __ Daily Missions mission and collect.
  • Buy 1 for 45 flux
  • Buy 10 for 450 flux (One Guaranteed rare!)
  • Upon Day 4 Daily Login Reward, you will receive one pod
  • Upon Day 5 Daily Login Reward, you will receive one pod and 16 flux
  • Every five level-ups, or when you get to level 2.


You can get 3 types of rewards: Common , Rare and Legendary

Note: If you get a ship that you already have, it will take 30% off the ship's price, and give you the rest of the flux. For example: If you have Skeletor (850 flux) and you get a second Skeletor in a pod, then you will get 70% of its price in flux; so that is 560 flux for you.