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This is an early level mission that is easy to complete. There are a lot of steps and some combat which includes a Boss, the Dominator. It introduces the story as to why Azuron is destroyed.

Start Location

Warp Gate in Kapello


Step Mission System
1 Go to Rocky Kapello
2 Go to W. J. Recycle Kapello
3 Pick up 100 Metal Scrap Any System
4 Kill 10 Battle Stations Kapello
5 Go to Rocky Kapello
6 Go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
7 Kill 6 Battle Stations Durian
8 Go to Ronduria Durian
9 Pick up 350 Metal Scrap Any System
10 Go to Ronduria Durian
11 Go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
12 Kill Dominator Durian
13 Go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
14 Go to AF Research Station Hyperion
15 Go to AF Armoury Hyperion



Part 1

  • Sergeant Reiland: “Welcome to Kapello, I’ve heard from Lieutenant Kreiger that you’re quite competent. Dr. Mira, a scientist and historian told me she wanted to talk to you about something. She’s apparently doing some research related to Azuron. If you’re interested, she is on Rocky in Kapello.”
  • We found Dr. Mira in an ice cave trying to communicate with some strange ice worms. Rather confusing ones… She quickly noticed us and abandoned the ice worms to rush over... Dr. Mira: “Just the one I’ve been looking for! Get over here, I’ve so much things to ask you. I hope you don’t mind if I record our conversation? For the records of course… You’re from Azuron, right? What happened back there? Common tell me already! I must know! You don’t know? Well now.. that’s really disappointing. Lately there has been so many refugees, something terrible must have happened? Do you remember anything apart from being under attack? Do you want to help me uncover the truth about Azuron?

Part 2

  • Dr. Mira: “If you want to help me uncover the truth about Azuron, it could be worth speaking to Wrengher Jones, he runs a recycle station here in Kapello. He was one of the first refugees to arrive here, however he refuses to talk to me. Perhaps you can be more persuasive?”
  • Wrengher Jones: “What the hell do you want? I don’t have any time if you aren’t here for business. Just get out of here already…”

Part 3

  • Perhaps he would be more willing to talk if there’s any business to be gained. Gather at least 100 pieces of metal scraps, then return to Wrengher Jones recycle station and recycle it.
  • Wrengher Jones: “Alright, I got a few minutes to spare while the recycle finishes. What did you want to know? About Azuron? Sigh, I don’t wanna be reminded about past... I really don’t. Alright, if you help me out I’ll tell you what I know. The high hostile activity in this sector is threatening to ruin my business, hardly anyone dares to come here these days. Your ship looks quite capable… eh? Take out the 10 closest hostile stations and I’ll tell you what I know.”

Part 4

  • Take out 10 of the closest hostile battle stations and Wrengher Jones promised to tell you what he knows about Azuron.
  • Wrengher Jones: “That’s a start at least. Thanks… I suppose. Very well? What do you want to know about Azuron? To be honest I don’t know very much, that battle was… just horrible, I used to be a Captain in the Azuron 3rd Fleet. I’m probably the only survivor from that unit. There was no warning, we had no clue where they came from, who they were or what they wanted. They opened fire before we even had time to try to open a communication channel. After a few seconds it was clear that we didn’t have a chance… we decided to abandon ship.. much good that did, they didn’t care about the intergalactic laws of war.. they used our escape pods... for target practice… I was to only one to survive. I don’t know if I could be called lucky… I drifted for over 2 years before I arrived in hyperion.”

Part 5

  • Return to Dr. Mira on Rocky in Kapello.
  • Dr. Mira: “That sounds very ominous, we really have to discover what happened and who the attackers were. Maybe Hyperion is next? Or perhaps we are? All we know is that the warp gate in the system was destroyed in the battle. No signals have been received from Azuron for the last three years. I’ve scoured this entire system by now there are now more clues here. We should head to Durian next. Drop me off at the Anchorhead Cantina.

Part 6

  • Drop Dr. Mira off at the Anchorhead Cantina in Durian.
  • Dr. Mira: “I’ll ask around here, haha, don’t worry about me.. I can take care of myself if needed. In the meantime, find out the strength of the hostiles in the vicinity.

Part 7

  • Check out the strength of the hostiles in the vicinity, takeout 6 nearby battle stations.
  • Dr. Mira: “Good to know there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve found an interesting lead, apparently a mysterious battleship have been randomly attacking ships in this region. A blackmarket transporter called “Mark” recently had a run in with it. He barely managed to escape, he’s currently trying to get his ship repaired at Ronduria, head over there and find out what he knows.

Part 8

  • A blackmarket transporter called “Mark” recently had a run in with a mysterious battle ship. He’s currently trying to get his ship repaired at Ronduria, let’s head over there and find out what he knows.
  • Mark: “Oh great… yet another bounty hunter.. don’t move an inch or I’ll blast you full of holes!You’re not here for my bounty? Ok… I guess I’ll take your word for it.. I hate to admit it, but I’m not in a great situation here.. with my ride in pieces… I won’t be able to leave this heap of junk for at least another month. So what do ya want?Ok, I’ll help ya out if you can get me the parts I need to get my ride going again. Grab 250 scrap metal, 50 barrels of hydrogen spill and some duct tape of course. That should do the trick…”

Part 9

  • Gather some materials to help Mark fix his ship, 350 pieces of scrap metal should be enough.
  • None

Part 10

  • Return with the materials to Mark on Ronduria.
  • Mark: “Awesome, finally enough junk to patch my ride back together. What do ya wanna know? Ye, I know about that battle ship.. people around here now call it the ‘Dominator’… it looked like it was already badly damaged, so I figured it wouldn’t put up much of a fight… but hell.. was I wrong… I barely got away with my life.. luckily it’s engines were so badly damaged that it couldn’t move very fast.”

Part 11

  • Return to Dr. Mira at Anchorhead Cantina.
  • Dr. Mira: “I guess that could explains things, perhaps that damaged battleship is one of the attacking ships from Azuron that fled here. I hope you have already guessed what must be done? Destroy the Dominator and acquire it’s log files.

Part 12

  • Destroy the Dominator and quire it’s log files.
  • Dr. Mira: “Looks like we got their log keeping… thingy, I’ll need to decrypt and translate them. I need a drink after all this action, so let’s head back to the Anchorhead Cantina.”

Part 13

  • Return to the Anchorhead Cantina and celebrate your glorious victory!
  • Dr. Mira: “I’ve never seen anything like this before…sorry, I’ve no idea where to start with the decryption. I think we should head for the Antor Federation Research Station in Hyperion, perhaps their supercomputer can help us decrypt and translate these log files.

Part 14

  • Go to the Antor Federation Research Station in Hyperion and have them decrypt the logs from the Dominator.
  • Dr. Mira: “Finally, felt like it took forever… It seems like these files were partly damaged and only contains some limited information. The ship belonged to a species that refers to themselves as the Nezerians, hmmm… I’ve never heard that name before. Have you? The logs mentions receiving extreme damage during a battle in sector DRPZ-41292. Do you think this sector refers to Azuron? The Dominator must have been a remarkable ship given the amount of damage it received. I wonder what could’ve caused that amount of damage? A section of the log explains that the warp drive was destroyed during the battle, leaving the ship unable to swiftly return home. AMAZING! Think about it, a ship capable of warp jumping without the used of a warp gate, UNBELIEVABLE! We should inform Lieutenant Kreiger about our findings.”

Part 15

  • Talk to Lieutenant Kreiger at the Antor Federation Armoury in Hyperion.
  • Lieutenant Kreiger: “That’s some really bad news you got there, a hostile alien race capable of warp travel without the use of warp gates… that means they could appear anywhere, anytime, without any warning. Thanks for the warning, I’ll spread this information to the remnants of the Antor Federation. We need to prepare for the worst… There’re still one questions remaining… and that’s the why… why did they attack Azuron?”