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PropertiesGives knowledge so you can play the game Astroflux.


"Read The Wiki, it probably has the answers you are looking for."


You may have been told by someone named "READ_THE_WIKI" to "Read The Wiki". The reason for this is that, in general, game questions posted in Global Chat without a look at the Wiki are viewed by other players as annoying. So, a good place to start is reading the Button FAQ.png page also know as the Frequently Asked Questions page. It really is the most Frequently Asked Questions. The information found in the Wiki comes in superior, exceptional and worthless varieties. Since the Astroflux wiki is a wiki, this means that the pages are user editable. So, if you have knowledge, you can share that information by editing the appropriate wiki page. Note: If you do get asked to read the wiki, please read the wiki and do not get mad, they are NOT lazy, there is basic info here.