Renegade Tanker

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Renegade Tanker
General Information
Enemy TypeMini Boss
Found inDurian
AttackConcussion Sphere, Energy Nova
Damage TypeEnergy and Kinetic
Shield Regen500
Corrosive Resist0%
Energy Resist0%
Kinetic Resist80%


"Oh god, captain, that thing doesn't die! We have tried everything but we can't even scratch it! What should we do!?"


The Renegade Tanker is a mini-boss found in Durian's elite zone on the planet Honarion. It has huge amounts of shield and health, approximately three times that of a Nezerian Battleship, and is way too beefy in comparison to the common enemies of Durian. It shoots lowly damaging Concussion Spheres that annoyingly reduces your damage by almost 90% It can also radio the Renegade Crystal and Renegade Medic for help when it takes damage, as long as it is within range of Honarion


- Anyone with a good DoT weapon like Skeletor Lightning or Acid Blaster can kill the Tanker. Plasma Gun works just fine, but it must be above level 0. If you want to solo: First use a long-range weapon (Acid Blaster works!) to lure the Renegade Tanker (ONLY!) away from the rest of the Renegades. Then run behind the SafeZone in the nearby Renegade Access Gate, and dodge into it as the Renegade Tanker is there. (Make sure his Concussion Spheres don't hit you, their damage debuff is huge and lasts a long time.) As the tanker turns, run outside the SafeZone DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM. Then start shooting and circle around as the Renegade Tanker turns. Make sure you don't get hit by the Concussion Spheres. Be patient; it will soon die. If you are a duo: Have one of them do the same thing as with the Soloing rules, but the other shoot Pixi Launcher or Infested Missiles at the Renegade Tanker to make sure it does not fire its main weapon. This allows for a bit more slop on the timing and circling. NOTE: Mouse Aim is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this! Make sure you are skilled with a keyboard if you do not have a good mouse! Also if you have a good artifact set, any weapon will work as long as it is over 500 DPS and you do not get hit by the Concussion Spheres or die. High (HitsPerSecond) weapons that have low damage per hit will not work very well, as the Renegade Tanker has a respectable amount of Armor. - by SpaceSquid

To safely engage the Renegade Tanker, you need to pull it away from the other renegades protecting Honarion. Fortunately the Renegade Tanker has the largest aggro radius of the renegades protecting Honarion so it should attack you before the others when you approach the planet. Once the Renegade Tanker starts shooting its Concussion Spheres, pull it toward the Renegade Access Gate.

It is very important not to damage the Renegade Tanker while pulling it away from the planet. If you do, it will radio the Renegade Medic for help. Fortunately the radio range of the Renegade Tanker is short, so it is usually safe to engage it by the time you reach the Renegade Access Gate.

When attacking the Renegade Tanker, keep circling behind it because it can only shoot you if you are in front of it. Attack with Skeletor Lightning and let the DoT build. The stacking DoT will chew though the massive shields and health of the Renegade Tanker relatively quickly.

Team tactics(group of low levels, levels 10-20):
-team member types: debuffer(s), missiler, damager, medic(optional)
-missiler: have one person with a missile weapon, have him keep firing at the tanker with it. infested missiles work well if you want to attack him with kinetic weapons, else fire with any missile, but pixis works best because of low power use to high rof. Missiling him is important if you dont want to get hit by his concussion spheres, because he will fire energy nova, which does considerably less damage.
-debuffer(s): if you want to make a dent in his armor, you want someone to debuff his armor. Either Heavy Cannon or Razor work well for this.heavy cannon uses more power and the debuff is only for 2 seconds, so have at least two people fire heavy cannons at him the whole time. His shield wont be much of a problem, but if you want to stop shield regen, then you want to have one team member debuff it with moth zero gland. the missiler, if he uses infested missiles, will be a debuffer too. debuffers are optional when damagers use a stacking DoT weapon like plasmagun or corrosive lightning
-damager(s): They exploit the stuff the other people are doing. if the missiler uses infested missiles, then a kinetic gun like gatling or blaster in short bursts will work. else, the best weapons to damage him are stacking weapons, like plasmagun, skeletor lightning, acid blaster, or something else. The circling strategy works here.
-medic: has a weapon like healing egg(on xhargregs mutated chicken), nanobot spray, or nanobot launcher. They heal the people that need it most. the best strategy for the mutated chickens healing egg is to place a bunch of them in the same spot, and when someone needs it, they run into it.
by Shiv3r Recommended equipment

(Although any stacking weapon will do, even a weapon like Prismatic Crystal will get the job done)



Spawn Location

The Renegade Tanker spawns from an Advanced Spawner orbiting Honarion
Respawn time : 10 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 20,000 xp to players who defeat it for the first time.