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Renegades are a group of AF agents called the AF Black Ops division, they escaped the Azuron massacre (not explosion). Only a few hundred survived. The renegades are sworn to take revenge against the nezerians. But they were to weak compared to the Nezerians, they needed a way to obtain power. The renegades decided to use tactics like stealing, torture and "horrific experiments".


  px Renegade Crystal   
  px Renegade DMAT-90   
  px Renegade Fighter   
  px Renegade Inquisitor   
  px Renegade Medic   
  px Renegade Science Vessel   
  px Renegade Spy-1   
  px Renegade Tanker   


  px Advanced Spawner   
  px Razor Spawner   
(For the Renegade Spy-1s)

Near the Black Hole in Durian an invisible spawner (possibly in the black hole) spawns the Renegade Science Vessel.