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"Once upon a time enemies had no resistances, but evolution forced them to aquire new defenses and they evolved. Some aquired a chemical purification system to withstand the never ending abuse of corrosive toxins. Some developed a kinetic barrier to nullify armor penetration and some produced an energy absorbing epidermal layer around its body. The changes has occured throughout the entire galaxy but fortunately the Antor Federation has already started to log these changes in their encounter lists. So be careful and read your encounter log before engaging your next target." - Tef, Developer of the Astroflux Developer team.


Resistance is a way to economically configure your ship with partial immunity to a specific damage type that applies in all situations. Resistance is taken off of damage first, regardless of whether the damage is being applied to shields, armor, or both. The resistance type needs to match the type of damage being done.

Ship Information:
  Resistance: 75% vs. Energy

Damage Information:
  Amount: 1000
  Type: Energy

  Damage Applied = 1000 - (1000 x 0.75)
    = 1000 - 750
    = 250

More info here :[1]