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This article  is about Enemies.
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General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inKapello
AttackRotator Turret
Rotator Saw
Damage TypeKinetic
Corrosive ResistUnknown
Energy ResistUnknown
Kinetic ResistUnknown


"Captain... erm... is that a boss? It's just a stick flying around randomly...but those saws seem deadly, shall we keep going or fight it?"


Rotator is the 2nd boss that the players can find in the game. It's a good challenge for low level players, and for people with engines lv 3 or lower. This boss can be hard to kill if the player chooses to attack it in close range due to its entire body being covered, initially, in saw blades. Rotator's only tactic is to spin around while approaching its targeted player, trying to eliminate that player with its turrets and saws.

The rotator is believed to be a tester from Advectorian. Located deep in the depths of Gellan. This is because his body is similar to those of Advectorian, and its damage is just as gruesome.

Rotator is made up of the following parts:

Part Stats Attack
Blaster Arc Turret.png Rotator Turret 10,000 health Blaster
Razor Turret.png Rotator Saw 9,000 health 1901 Kinetic damage on contact.
Rotator Body.png Rotator Body 15,000 health


Long-range attack

One tactic is to use long-range weapons to attack Rotator while staying out of range of its blasters. As long as you can outrun Rotator itself, the only concern is avoiding its blaster fire, which at lower levels can kill you rather quickly.

Circles and Mines

Another tactic is to fly around it in a large clockwise circle, while dropping mines behind you. As long as you continue to move in a circle, the Rotator's blasters won't hit you (they don't lead their target enough, if at all), and by going clockwise, you have plenty of time to react if the Rotator is getting close enough for its weapons to possibly hit you. The circular motion also gives your mines plenty of time to activate, then Rotator will travel right into them. Even with no upgrades to the Mine Launcher, this can kill Rotator fairly quickly. Remember to keep your circle fairly large though, or you may get caught in the Rotator's spinning blades. This tactic works best if everyone attacking Rotator follows the same tactic, or if you're going solo - if other players are drawing Blaster fire into your path, you can still take serious damage. Using a broadside is also a good way to kill him while flying in circles.

Nuke it!

Another tactic, also used for Mandrom is to get it to follow you, and just drop Nuke Launcher on it again and again. The Nuke Launcher doesn't even need to be upgraded to be effective. Go in large circles and stay near the safezone near Mari (AF Security Gate in the elite) as the AF Hunters can give a helping hand. And also, you can dip into the safezone for a quick heal if need be. (not too long or Rotator will rotate somewhere else). Kinetic resist is suggested for the blaster weapons Rotator uses just in case they sweep over you. Just try not to change direction much.

Happy Trails

This tactic has you capture the rotators attention. Once you get that, stay a little bit ahead. As he is following you, use weapons like Acid Spray or Flame Trail to take away his health and put a lovely DoT on him.

Speed boost

Every time that Rotator loses a part of its body, the player may hear a sound, and rotator will increase its speed to max of 30% (approximated)


Rotator is composed of 4 different part types. The main body consists of three Rotator Body Parts in a row, with 1 Rotator Turret on either end (total of 2 Rotator Turrets). Each Turret has two Blaster Turrets attached to it, which deal a large amount of damage for low-level players. Each Body Part has two Saws mounted in it, for a total of 6 saws. This makes coming into contact with Rotator extremely dangerous, as these saws line both sides of the body.


-If you do not have good Kinetic resist arts or a fast enough engine, the blades will surely cause mayhem on you ship, and possibly death.

-Probably one of the hardest bosses in the Antor due to it's blades and low level player not knowing how to deal with them.


  px Gold Crate 2-3
  px Metal Scrap   
  px Alien Alloy   
  px Toxic Waste   
  px Radiated Junk   
  px Medium Data Chip   

Spawn Location

Rotator spawns at (-333, 566)
Respawn time, 2 minutes. Once spawned it will constantly circle Kapello elite zone.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 16,000 xp to players who defeat it for the first time.