Space Station

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This article  is about Enemies.
Space Station

Blue System.png

Mech Spawner.png

Found In
Mitrilion and Sarkinon
Damage Type(s)
whatever enemy it spawns
Special Drop(s)
can drop weapon of enemy it spawns
Enemy Type
1 - 48
Health Shield
800 - 286,643 0 - 23,500
Health Regen Shield Regen
0 0
Armor Kamikaze
0 No
Hardened Shield Cooldown/Duration
No N/A
Encounter Exp
Corrosive Resist
Energy Resist
Kinetic Resist


A Space Station can spawn up to 10 mechanical enemies, like Zappers and Launchers. They may have one or more turrets which shoot at the player when they come into range. As you get further in AstroFlux these spawners will have more health and shields.

These spawners can be found on planets or floating about the system and are marked with a red dot on the map. They are common in the Antor galaxy.


Part Stats Attack
Sniper Turret.png Sniper 360 Arc Turret 350 shield
550 health
2 Shield Regen
120 kinetic damage per shot
Blaster Arc Turret.png Blaster 220 Arc Turret 380 shield
520 health
2 Shield Regen
12 kinetic damage per shot
Nova Turret.png Nova Turret 1,450 shield
1,420 health
20 Shield Regen
Up to 450 energy damage per shot
Mandrom Turret.png Flameball Turret 8,650 shield
16,020 health
250 Shield Regen
1,686 energy damage per shot with additional DoT


  • Space Stations have a chance to drop the weapon of the enemy that it spawns. For example, a Space Station in Kapello that spawns a Triad can drop Broadside.
  • Space Stations drop similar Space Junk to the enemies that it spawns. If a Space Station spawns an enemy which drops Radiated Junk, then the Space Station is likely to drop Radiated Junk.

Additional Names

These spawners have been called different names in some missions, which include:

  • Battle Station