Stolen Technology

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This subject is from Missions.


This is a low level mission. There only a few steps and it introduces you to the Pirate Bay.

Start Location

Recycle Station near Arborea in Kritillian


Step Mission System
1 Go to Arborea Kritillian
2 Go to Melifon Hozar
3 Go to Eufelion and Axalon Hozar
4 Go to Pirate Bay (35,232) Hozar



Part 1

  • Captain, we just recieved information about a raid against the Fanatic stronghold on Arborea. We should investigate who is behind this attack. Maybe they can become our allies?
  • We don't know who it was, but they seem to have stolen some sort of valuable technology from the Fanatics. And they left a warp trail leading to Hozar.

Part 2

  • The warp trail leads to Hozar and the planet Melifon. We should prepare for locust spawners, they are extremly nasty and dangerous but weak against Nova charges.
  • Pheww... Never thought we would suceed with that. However, it seems like the trail stops here. It's almost as if they vanished into thin air. Maybe we should land on the other planets as well to look for clues.

Part 3

  • Land on Eufelion and Axalon to look for clues about those responsbile for the raid on Arborea.
  • Captain, we have found something interesting. The three infested planets seem to act as an emitter relay that distort our sensors. However, we found weak signal indicating a hidden station in this system. We should head for those coordinates.

Part 4

  • Find the hidden station in Hozar and look for more clues about the raid. Head to the coordinates: x = 35, y = 232
  • Space pirates, who would have thought they were holding out here. The station has weapon replicator technology, although it seem to be slightly damaged by our attack. It can replicate any weapon we already posses.